Inside Casting: Angus Munro


As one of the most influential names in casting Angus Munro for AM Casting (Los Angeles: Streeters Los Angeles, New York: Streeters New York)‘s choices impact the way in which we view fashion. A good casting director fills a show with an impressive lineup of girls, but a great one carefully crafts an aesthetic via their selection. With a host of high profile NYFW shows under his direction Angus dictates the look for brands like Helmut Lang, Opening Ceremony, Peter Som and many more. We caught up with Angus in the midst of fashion week’s madness and got his insight on the casting process, what makes a model standout and of course his favorite new faces.

What was the look or feel you were going for with this season’s Helmut Lang casting?

AM: Since I started working with Helmut Lang a couple of seasons ago we have been fine tuning who the Helmut Lang girl is. In my mind she is effortlessly chic while young, tough and streetwise. I think you can see from this season’s casting that we have just about nailed that. This is a fast growing super aspirational brand that is incredibly successful sales wise, so establishing the right dna of the Helmut girl is crucial to its continued rise.

Any familiar faces we should look forward to on the Helmut Lang runway?

AM: Of course there are some of our favorites who are always right for any Helmut collection; girls such as Katlin Aas and Caroline Brasch Nielsen (my favorite girl), but there are quite a number of new girls… notably our opening girl Megan and my tip for stardom, Devon Windsor.


The Model board backstage at Helmut Lang

What makes a girl stand out to you?

AM: To a degree it depends on which house I am casting at. However, more generally I tend to be a traditionalist in my taste. I love an elegant strong beauty.. Hence my enduring love of Caroline, who perfectly embodies all of these attributes. I know it sounds naff but personality is totally a factor for me. An agent recently told me that they prepped the girls to make jokes with me as they had identified that fun girls always got booked by me.

Who are some of your favorite new faces this season?

AM: As I mentioned above I love Megan our Helmut opener… really strong and ultra chic. Devon Windsor is someone that I am more excited about than I have been for some time, she really has all the right qualities to be something very special.

What would you say is the trend in casting right now?

AM: If there is a trend I don’t want to be a part of it!!

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