1. I love how although she has very blonde hair she has very dark and distinguished eyebrows. Nice, dark well-groomed brows can really define one’s face (as long as they look natural of course!) and I think she looks great.

    Luis – I find this type of commentary very rude, disrespectful and upsetting. I understand that there are significantly more white models than those of other races/backgrounds however, you saying all white girls “look the same” is not solving the problem. It is simply adding to the never ending and vicious cycle of racism. Everyone is beautiful despite what their skin colour, race, cultural/religious backgrounds etc., may be.
    I agree there should be more ethnic models but regardless as to what race you are being discriminatory against racism is racism and should not be tolerated. That is the bottom line.

  2. I think what Luis is trying to say is not that all white girls look the same, but that all the white girls they have been booking for the runway shows and ads have all been looking very very similar lately.. I definitely think we are in need of fresh, different new faces.

  3. All right Natalia. I agree with you, and I’m sorry if my comment was rude. But I’m just saying where’s Gracie Carvalho, a model that is doing the best shows in NY and isn’t in here (top 10 newcomers). And talking about Hannah, she has a interesting face.

  4. I have to agree with a few comments above that most models lately are looking pretty much identical. I dont deny that they are all beautiful girls, including Hannah, but it is starting to come off as boring. We need to see more black, ethnic, latin girls in the market! Another thing, im tired of seeing girls that look like they are 12 on the runway- girls with a bit more age on them give more credibility to the clothes that are being sold on runways. I want to see a real body on a Herve Leger dress- not one that hasnt even reached puberty.

  5. can we stop calling all non-white people ethnic? we are all part of an ethnic group or sometimes many. so please, instead of using that colonial-esq language, a better way to express your idea would be to say “more ethnic diversity please”.

    hope you can understand.

  6. She is one of the most interessting I have seen this season… LOVE HER

  7. Gracie did Carolina, Ralph, and a bunch of other big shows, I am sure she will be posted soon guys, calm down. This is a top 10 list and we only have 3 names, do the math..

  8. She is good for having also and I hope she will rock modeling world soon.
    Best of luck babby. I just fall in love with this girl………….

  9. Of course there is this trend of pale, blonde, very girlish and young models on the runways, this season and though they are mostly really beautiful I can’t deny either that they all look very alike to me. It makes me think of the Prada-ad, too. I took me quite a time to figure out, who is who…
    But to say something about the ethnic issue: Some white white people may as well think, that e.g. all black womans or asian girls look alike…

  10. She’s an angel face, which reminds me of both Snejana Onopka and Ruslana Korshunova.

  11. All these models look the same. I have the same face structure as they do but I’m black and really tall. For some reason they get signed and people like me don’t. What the heck is up with that???

    (I’m not trying to be a model just so you know.)

    Go Selita Banks and chanel Iman. We need more of these kinds of people in the industry.

  12. Very true about similiarities with snejana and…dorothea as well. very good emerging models
    where is gracie carvallho ? who cares ? she did a couple of shows in NYC, but shows are only a small part of this business. specially the ones from NYC . if not calvin, marc, ralph, rodarte, narciso or proenza, no international echo ! that’s life !

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