Meet the V/Supreme Finalists

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The finalists of the V Magazine / Supreme modeling contest have landed in New York and are getting a taste of all the Big Apple has to offer. Hailing from all over the globe the standout six have spent the week shooting tests, meeting with NYC’s fashion elite and taking souvenir snapshots for posterity. Though the nonstop pace makes for busy schedules it’s only preparation for the final prize. Last year’s winner, the irrepressible Amanda Laine has graced the pages of everything from Numero to Teen Vogue and is still going strong. Whoever walks way with the coveted contract doesn’t just arrive on the scene, they dominate it.

Who will reign supreme this year? Only time will tell, but each finalist is exceptional in her own way.

Kiev born Polina Moroz has design on the mind. In addition to following her modeling ambitions Polina is also studying archietcture at the Art Academy in Kiev and counts Philippe Starck among her heroes.

Inge de Jong is an athlete as well as a catwalker. When the ethereal Dutch beauty isn’t modeling she can be found playing field hockey or kickboxing. The best part of the journey so far for Inge? Getting to see the world.

Jacqueline Campeau found out about the model search after an enterprising friend sent her the link to enter. Though there isn’t much time for sightseeing Jacqueline has brought her mom along for the trip to catch all of New York’s special places.

Addison Gill is as intelligent as she is beautiful. The winsome Canadian is on the honor roll back home and loves to read the classics. Travel ranks high on Addison’s list and she couldn’t be more excited to be in New York for the first time.

Marina Heiden‘s natural beauty has already gotten her attention from scouts back in Brazil but it’s her vivacious personality that makes her especially charming. Her favorite thing about New York? All the exciting new people.

Beautiful Brazilian Jackline Prim is still learning English but her enticing personality shines through. Smart, witty and full of life, Jackline enjoys art and talking to her friends back home on Facebook.

  1. well, i thought that v contest was just for usa citizens?
    hm…my mistake. počina moroz is so immpresive. as her bio. gill and prim are alo very charming. but my heart goes to polina.

  2. Inge all the way. She has the look, body, personality.

    They’ll be signing a few of the others as well, though, it’s a much stronger group of finalists compared to last year.

    Would’ve been more interesting if they actually found someone previously unsigned, rather than girls from reputable mother agencies, whom they’d come across regardless. But whatever.

    Addison’s cute as well, too cute for Supreme, really.

  3. Addison Gill is absolutely stunningly beautiful and very distinctive! The others pale in comparison to her

  4. I agree, Addison Gill is working it out!!! Editorial and beautiful, she looks so cool with her braces, not many girls can say that but she can

  5. I was disappointed by the lack of color. Me and my friends clamoured to get the Vogue Italia was was flecked with black, beautiful models. To see that not one olive-skinned or dark-skin girl made it n the list is a crushing blow.

  6. i mean, polina…haha,shes cute
    the way how the interviewer asks questions just sounds strange to me…sounds like a cold female pimp.@@@@

  7. Polina looks crazy, but she needs to be fixed and she may be somthing

    Inge is super cute but not for supreme maybe elite.

    Jaqueline had no bone structure. I would do it

    Addison is absolutely devine. Love the huge eyes and the full lips. giving me a Masha type feeling. May not be a supreme girl though

    Marina is amazing. I think she might be the winner. I can see Supreme doign somthing with her.

    Jackline is okay. I wish she had more bone structure but I love the way she talks like a robot. Maybe someone will draw bone structure for her on photoshop

  8. ADDISON GILL has everything. I´m sure she will be the winner. Second and third, I think are Jacklin and Polina.

  9. could anybody translate what polina says about shasa?
    I just can’t get it… thanks (:

  10. You can say whatever you want,
    but i think Inge is the prittyest
    girl in the contest, and she is going
    to win. If you don’t see that, you don’t
    have any taste. Just so you know.

  11. Maoyi,Ron, lmcvl:

    Maoyi- I hate to disappoint you but I’m not a cold female pimp. As you know a pimp is someone who prostitutes women for money which I certainly don’t do… The fact is that I do NOT do interviews everyday like Barbara Walters.

    Ron- Jackline spoke like that because she speaks very little English and was concentrating very hard on making sure she answered in a way that we could understand her.

    lmcvl- Polina was very bright and passionate when we talked. She basically admired Sasha Pivovarova because Sasha not only graduated from this Russian Academy of Art, apparently a top place to go for art, but she also is a modeling superstar.


  12. Polina is so cute, but she reminds me of Supreme’s Meghan and Ania… maybe it’s just the bangs.
    I love Marina in this video and in her test shots!

  13. Baby Clyde:

    I don’t remember what comment you had.. We don’t publish everything, we reserve the right to publish what we feel is relevant and adds somewhat intelligently to the conversation. If it wasn’t published, it was
    1- Not pertinent
    2- Excessively mean or nasty
    3- Speculative
    4- Already been said (unless it’s nice things)
    5- Uninteresting

    Not sure but it was probably one of the above..

    The girls and the agents read the stories and the comments, commenters have to realize we are dealing with human beings, many of them very young. Very hurtful comments add nothing to the conversation and add nothing to the karma of the universe.


  14. That being said, you can ALWAYS post if you don’t like something or someone.. Just do it in an intelligent, respectful manner and it will get published.


  15. the order goes
    2nd girl
    4th girl (minus the braces)
    in my personal opinion.

  16. Yay, go Polina!!!

    In my opinion, Polina is definitely the most expressive and beautiful out of the finalists.

  17. Betty:

    I can assure you it was none of the above. In fact it was extremely pertinent and followed on from what Maddy had written before.

  18. marinamarinamarina!!! she has the same latin sparks that gise and izabel succeded with

  19. I wish Addison much success in Fashion Modeling. I’m not big on the online
    voting contests as the votes seem to have no relevance to the winners ie: Addison had only 5 votes? But she has a great look. Others to note from that competition I think are: 14yo Inge De Jong who qualified and has since done some great photo work. Karina Tiponi and Sarah Dhalieai, neither quaslified.

    On the subject of voting contests, what is the zoobody thing all about?
    They seem to have chosen a winner, Klaudie Kovacova, whos profile here shows here as actually being with this management First already and having already done a cover for Cosmo Turkey, am I worng on this? MGMT also do not read well in a recent forum posting here, so the zoobody/mgmt looks a little contrived, maybe I’m wrong.

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