1. What happened to this beautiful boy??? I had a random thought about him the other day…..I was like…. “huh! what ever happened to that boy at Ford with the odd nose ring…..being at Ford and all”
    I met him once backstage…shaving his legs for the Diesel show and he was so so charming. How how sad :(
    My deepest thoughts to his family and friends……….RIP

  2. Rest in peace, beautiful boy.
    You’ve helped me through so many artist’s blocks it’s not even funny.
    Condolences to your family and your friends, your beautiful face, and I’m sure matching personality, will be sorely missed.

  3. How did he die? I feel like such a nerd for googling such a thing but I’m incredibly curious as to how he passed away, and at such a tender age…

    My condolences to his loved ones.
    I’m sure he’s burning up the heavens.

    RIP, hun.

  4. Exactly George. He ran across my mind too the other day, when I thought about his Dior campaign (SS07, I think) This is so sad. He was so young. Really; what happened?

  5. Dude what the fuck man? You will be always in my heart You were special you didn’t belong here and I knew that, you were meant for greater things. I hope you find your endless party in the nirvana. You will always be my inspiration. I love you


  6. love you everyone in waterfords hearts are with you. no ones ever made me laugh like you rand.

  7. According to several posters in one web forum who claim to be Johnston’s friends, Johnston died at a party on Saturday night.

  8. please guys, its widely inappropriate to speculate. let s pay respects here only

  9. Dude i was so sad to hear the news that you had passed away. Although we only hung out a couple of times I thought you were fucking awesome man.
    Shit this really sucks dude. I hope that you are at peace now bro


  10. Rest In Peace. I offer my condolences to your family, friends, and Ford Modeling Agency.

  11. I hope his family and all who read these posts know he touched many lives in a beautiful way :) All we can do is to try and leave the world a better place than when we arrived.


  12. OMG!! i went to school with randy.. He was actually my first kiss back in forth grade. I cant believe i just stumbled across this. Rest in peace. I cant believe this..

  13. There are sad nights who I think about you, Randy, I can’t understand why are u died its just too sad….sometime I would like to hug you and tell u that’s all right…I hope u are good where u are…..One years ago, 10 days ago you died….I want to tell u sorry if I tryed to forget your death day…..but was so sad to think about u….now I feel to tell u : R.I.P Randy….. =( ……I’ll never forget u…….
    A girl who never meet u…..see ya soon

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