RIP: David Bosman

David Bosman


We at were shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Boss Models founder David Bosman. At his height of 90’s success David essentially forged the marketing concept of the male supermodel,  via the landmark bookings at Boss Models. Boss’ roster of talent at one point ranged from Marcus Schenkenberg to Amber Valletta, a feat all the more interesting because that success was inextricably tied to David’s great eye, taste and charisma. When that early success waned, David Bosman still kept every bit of that eye, taste and charisma, with a fair dose of wit and elegance to boot. Whether the jet-setting avatar of high glamour management or simply a modeling agency veteran fighting to hold on to his dream, Mr Bosman was always a pure version of himself. As such his creativity and joie de vivre will be missed and we extend our very sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

  1. Karah and I will miss you David!
    Thank you for giving Karah her start in NYC and in Fashion Modeling.
    With deepest sympathy and love

  2. So sorry to hear this. Boss models’ office on Gansevort was such a landmark in the 90s. RIP

  3. David will truly be missed and his legacy will live on. Thanks for showing me the ropes and you were a Icon and my eyes.
    RIP !!!

  4. This is very sad news. David gave me my start in modeling. David was a great man, my first agent, and the godfather of male modelling. He will be missed.

  5. Dear David, you ARE iconic in this business though you may never had realized it as much as everyone else did. You were such a beautiful man and will be missed by many. Please dont just Rest in Peace, go fourth and be fabulous in Heaven! The apostles show cards need a new look for next season and need your help.

  6. David was a glorious scoundrel without whom some of the most beautiful men in the world would never have been discovered. I will remember our days at 1 Gansevoort St with joy and laughter. Jason, sorry for your loss.

  7. David was a wonderful man that strove for sheer fabulocity and nothing less, and he achieved it. There are not that many people in the model agency biz that had the strength to carry on as he did. He was always fiercely independent, weathered many storms and carved a niche that is often copied but will never be properly replicated. All in all, He did it his way.
    Thank you David. You will be missed.

  8. With his passing I wonder if the agency will be able to be held in a better light than its tarnished image it currently has now. Hopefully they can get back to being one that turns models careers into a successful money making machine and will have models become loyal to their bookers and agents and remain with Boss for many years to come, rather than starting models out, making their careers blast off, only to have them leave for other agencies because they would keep writing Bad Checks.

  9. I met David Bosman back in 2008 and signed with his Agency and worked in NYC then with him and Florian Acheron. David was a really nice guy, kind spirited and always gave compliments to his models. He took the picture that was used for the front of my compcard for bossmodels. He passed away at such a young age. May his young soul rest in peace and the agency keep its legacy for future models to come.

  10. Jesus Christ, I can’t believe what I’m reading … This man was like a father to me and such a great teacher, oh my GOD, I am speechless … I am …. so sorry David … I have to say this now and have had so many years of chances to tell you and I never did, you ARE something that this putrefied business doesn’t create anymore … always a true LEO … always a YES to many NO’s … you turned so many idiots into ICONS, you teached half the fashion business what Male Supermodels never knew they could be, turned shit into gold, turn the idiot me into something special, gave me a path, guided my thoughts and vision and energy and made it all strangely constructive, I never knew how to say thank you, I never took you out for a proper diner, I never gave you a X’Mas present, and you always took care of me. Everyone cries about money and bad checks , well, you either didn’t work or you’re lieing , because I always got my money and always worked and because of Boss Models and David , 80% of male bookers have a job today in all the top agencies … you ALL know who you are , and hope you pay your respects to the hand that fed you all ! I will light you a candle David, in all the fashion cities that my projects will take me .. the fashion world has lost a ICON that many pages have been written for, we didn’t deserve you !

  11. David, It’s been almost a year and I still can’t believe you’re gone. You were my dearest friend, my kindred spirit and my rock. The big brother I never had. The memories of all the fun times and late night silliness never fail to put a smile on my face :-) Thank you for enriching my life in so many beautiful ways. You were an incredible man. Miss you and love you always. xo.

  12. I just learned of David’s passing. He was one of the most extraordinary influences in my early adulthood, and I will forever be grateful for the amazing opportunities he provided to me and so many others. Rest in peace David, and thank you!

  13. Today has been one of the worst days of my great life
    Today I found out that David Bosman passed away in 2012
    I was a friend back in the early eighties
    David was such a influence on me he gave me the confidence because of his confidence to believe
    I last spent time with him in London when he was starting out as a fashion photographer off Regent Street

    The guy had swagger taste style elegance charm wit

    I will never forget him

    Stephen August 2015