Top 10 Newcomers S/S 12: Julia Frauche

Julia Frauche

Even before the shows started a buzz was building around Julia Frauche as a first season girl of high promise. That high promise has already been fulfilled and then some in the first half of New York Fashion Week with Miss Frauche already logging runway slots for Preen, Donna Karan, Marc by Marc and Altuzarra. Now this French beauty faces prime positioning for the remaining New York power shows and for the upcoming European platform. And then there’s that face, both beautiful and memorable, rife with editorial possibilities.

  1. Stunning! Saw her last season through Nathalie Paris show package and knew she would be a star this season. Anybody else notice how strong Nathalie Paris has become? Seems like a major shift in Paris agency hierarchy the past couple seasons. Interesting to see what happens this season in Europe.

  2. Antonia Wesseloh, Karo Mrsozkova and Karolina waz should be Top 10 Newcomers as well!! I love Julia she is stunning!

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