1. THANK YOU CLICK for breaking the line. I have been holding my breath for some color or just some variation at all in the model of the week category. it seems as if only one specific mold of model was being chose, but i must admit the women are more diverse than the men for a while there, there were 4 guys that honestly looked the same i didnt even know that Models.com changed them. and then when you all did that story on the black mae model i thought he was the model of the week but then i realized oops oh no he wasnt. What’s up with models.com I am not saying put black models I am just saying put different ones especially the guys come on I know i am not the only one seeing this

  2. Hi John,
    MODELS.com uses models for Model of the Week that the agents
    know will be the stars of tomorrow. These are newer faces
    that usually haven’t had any major campaigns in print
    but are starting to shoot great things. So if the male models
    all look the same to you, then take issue with the clients
    because they are the ones who are always booking the same
    type of faces.

    Besides, there is more diversity in the women’s market
    because, you have long hair, short hair which believe it or
    not makes the difference.. newer guys who start out usually
    have a safer look to appeal to more clients. People like
    Simon Nessman, Patrick Petitjean are more rare.

    We loved Christian from Basic and featured him because he
    has such a unique and beautiful look but he’s not model of
    the week because he hasn’t done anything yet!! Hopefully
    clients will see him on our site and book him!


  3. Thanks for the insight Betty. I was honestly just starting to get confused as to whether or not the guys were being recycled. but the industry really needs to start diversifying its look. Which brings me to the question is the model a mannequin. not in the sence that they are dumb but in the sense of hanging clothes on or do designers want them to reflect some part of a concept of society and beauty?

  4. beautiful!
    I’m Ethiopian(rite next to Somalia)
    and Liya Kebede, Iman, Fatima(from ANTM), and Ubah are my insperations to model

  5. i actually know her. she’s come a long way from somalia,
    then to vancouver, bc. i wish her all the best in her career and i want her to know that somalia and british columbia are rooting for her.

  6. Her italian Vogue pic was Hot….the girl is all legs……… i will like to see her in GQ

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