Hyoni Rocks Vogue Korea


Hye/ Trump Management Hyoni/Ford Models PH: Hyung Won Ryoo, Images courtesy of Ford NY

Ford Supermodel winner Hyoni is riding the visibility of the title all the way to the cover of Vogue Korea, a slot she shares with Trump’s Hye Park.


Viva the global power of fashion!

  1. These Girls are both gorgeous.I don’t see a lot of Asian models
    out there these girls are representing.

  2. 언니 한국아니신가…잘모르겠지만
    어쨋든 타국인줄알고 메세지보내요^^

    타쿡에서 힘드시겠지만 열심히 하시는모습 너무너무 보기좋고
    언니!!! 힘내시구요! 포기하지마시구!!!
    너도 언젠가 언니처럼 훌륭한모델이 될래요~

  3. ㅋ 안녕하세요!!
    정말 자랑스러워요!!^^
    아이엠어모델에서 잘 봤어요!!
    앞으로 열심히 활동해 주세요^^

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