Simon Shorn


Simon Nessman/Major Model Management. Pics courtesy of Major

Major sped us these polaroids of editorial star Simon after being shorn onset by Didier Malige for Givenchy. With Willy Vanderperre lensing the ad we can’t wait to see how this new cut will render sizzling Simon on the final film.


  1. Great look for youth ads. Those lips look so delicious. Don’t you wish there were more.. Th egals go crazy over them. Hair is perfect. Go Simon, GO.

  2. Yes, he is gorgeous…I think Mode Models in Calgary found him tho originally.

  3. Simon’s locks make give him more versitility and diverse. His high-cheek bones, sumptuous lips, coloring, latitudinal chestnut eyes and whimsical freckles make him marketable — and a delight to watch mature. He knows how to work the camera.

  4. Worked with Simon on a shoot for squint & saw him a million times while casting NY fashion week. Clients kept commenting that his hair didn’t work with the look & I knew then it was just a matter of time & clients would start to see the genius of his look. Glad he is moving up the ranks, he is a true pro.

  5. You have to cut your hair my friend, because you’re so beautiful
    and i will marry you without this haircut, but i can understand
    that it’s something that makes you different.
    so good luck for the future,
    i’m watching Madame Figaro and i have to say cool cool


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