Jeffrey’s Night

Let’s crunch the numbers for 2008’s amazing Jeffrey’s Fashion Cares extravaganza:

1 man with a vision. 3 worthy charities. 40 generous and gorgeous models watched by 860 attendees supported by 50 wonderful sponsors (including Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Merrill Lynch). Then there were the countless volunteers and businesses so giving of their services (including Andrew Weir) and products. The result? Almost half a million dollars raised for one night ($485,000) to create a wonderful and inspiring event. The aim for next year? … $500,000 and beyond!

See MDC’s exclusive backstage coverage of the event below. Pics from MDC and Andrew Weir.

Click here to continue giving: Lambda Legal, Hetrick Martin, GMHC.

  1. They do… Maybe try using Safari as your browser, not Firefox or Internet Explorer.. sometimes they can be a little weird.


  2. No no no, my friends, that is me, Ryan Daharsh. And all the posers can save it! Seriously….. And Stan Jouk is about half my size and far too posy!!!!!

    The real Ryan!

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