Sean on NYTimes


Sean O/VNY Model Management. Screencapped from the Times homepage

Right this minute on the New York Times homepage is a video interview with Top 50 star, Sean O’Pry.  The NYT and Guy Trebay anoint the charming Southerner “The Next Top Male Model”. Watch the 3 minute interview with the VNY Models star, here.

  1. I have to say that I’ve met Sean a bunch of times and he’s very
    outgoing and fun. I’m not sure why he was making those eyes and
    faces at the camera, except to maybe spoof a little bit that
    whole Zoolander view that people have of male models. He’s
    definitely a livewire just not with all those facial expressions.
    He really is very charming. You do have to remember he is only
    18 and as confident as he may be, it still might be a little
    intimidating to have the NY Times interview you as the next big
    thing.. I wish people would cut these young models a break! All I
    can say, is that I was totally socially scared at 18!


  2. Lol…Yeah, I can see why he just want to have good time
    while answer serious questions. Well, his personality definitely
    help him ahead of bunch male models in fashion industry
    right now.

    Betty, I agree with you on that one. People shouldn’t just
    label them based on stereotype. Whoa…Are you serious about
    scared at 18 yrs old!

  3. Maybe I should say, socially inept… that’s probably
    a more accurate word for me back then. This was over 20 years
    ago, I’d like to think I’m more confident now ;)


  4. i don’t understand wat some of u mean when you said horrible persoanlity i mean he seems fine

  5. has it all just a great looking model ,, deseves all te best that can happen ,,, impressed

  6. Lana Winters has done an amazing job, this kid is one of the few male models to reach super model
    status in quite a while. Please note the kid is 18, when i was 18 and i could barely make a sentence sound coherent. He is obviously enthusiastic

  7. You also have to take into account that interview was probably
    an hour or so long( not two and half minutes).After it was
    filmed, it was edited,and cut down to where it looked good
    for the producers and editors.
    Let alone what he said off camera to the interviewer as well.
    Sorry to say but you only got a glimpse of his personality.
    I can confidently say the kid has it all.

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