The Sporting Life


Cole/d1 Model Management,Request Model Management NY . Luke/d1 Model Management, Public Image Worldwide. Photos by Juergen Teller for Arena Homme +, styled by Panos Yiapanis. Images courtesy of D1.

One reason why some magazines are irreplaceable is their ability to do exactly what they please. A cover of Galliano’s ferocious Minotaur? No problem…Marc Jacobs, buff and nude with Magritte-esque words floating above him? Love it.. The new Arena Homme + cover, continues the irreverent tradition with the oddly perfect choice of Cole and Luke for their “Sporting Life” issue. Rising London agency D1’s booking coup of the cover and 20 cheeky pages of fashion’s new hip stars, Cole and Luke, is a must buy!






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  1. I’m sorry, it is true that they take risks in the covers but this one went maybe a little bit too far. We can talk about fashion but in this case Panos didn t manage to do something that people want to wear. The colors of the cover are a way too childish and remembers me a little bit too much the colors of the last cover of Bjork latest album, even in the callygraphy they use. The number is suppose to tal about sport and by the look of it take in consideration the upcoming olympic games, but in my opinion, fashion has to resume the air of the time and the actual situation in china and the gravity of things that happened there should show something a little less childdish. It is true that fashion has to be about play and game but in some situations , i think it has to show consciousness.Hopefully we can read china crisis in the layout of the cover on the right…This serie would have been good for “another magazine”.

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