1. I dont think Lea should be called Androgynous. Lea is a woman. Maybe not fully so yet, but definitely female by her own self identification. Andrej is androgynous, because he identifies as male. Lea is a gorgeous model on her own right, and her success shows how the world is opening up to beauty, and trying to be less judgemental. But she’s female. Maybe only 95%, but still a woman.

  2. Well, I think that despite of her own self identification… we can still call the face of fashion’s current androgyny movement, since her face features may be kinda manly if you want… same with Jana, Iris, Jamie, etc… I see nothing wrong with calling her androgynous.

  3. So we have responses to my original post even if it got deleted, it seems. Otherwise it’s too much a of a coincidence that people are talking about Andrej Pejic. I’m still saying that Lea T isn’t much for the eyes, she’s just product of the hype.

  4. My apologies, I wasn’t deleted before. I just didn’t notice we had two different Lea T threads going on.

    /bow and exit

  5. @Lily
    And what’s wrong with “the hype”? Hundreds of genetic women are products of “the hype”. Why not let this one trans woman in the industry have her shine.

  6. I dont know, what Andrej identifies as is still a mystery since he has never stated this just because he is on the mens board doenst necessarily mean all that much. However I think Lea is even more androgynous then he is. His features are a lot more femenine then hers. So I dont really see what is wrong with calling her that, we use that term for girls too.

  7. I like her, but I don’t actually find her all that androgynous. As for the comment about her being part of the androgyny “movement” in the same way as Jana or Iris, both of those girls have had their masculine features played up in shoots as part of the androgyny thing. I have yet to see that happen with Lea. She just looks like a woman with a strong jaw.