Where The Money Is

Gabriel Aubry for Louis Vuitton

There is a certain type of male model that keeps clients clamoring for more; they bring poise and personality to every show and every set, the fashion audience is on a first name basis with them and in spite of being seemingly omnipresent we’re yet to get tired of seeing them. These are the boys that bring home bank, the careers others aspire to – The Money Guys. MDC introduces a brand new ranking for the cream of the male modeling crop.

  1. I guess I agree, though did I miss Garrett Neff? Evandro Soldati? Adam Senn? [Can’t be bothered going through the entire list again!]. I also think given the amount of campaigns Ben Hill has booked the past couple of seasons he also needs to be further up the list. For me he’s definitely stood out with his bookings for the biggest, most visible brands.

    I like this list, it just shows that classic good looks & bodies are always going to win whether in regards to money or longevity or indeed both.

  2. I agree with Izara,there is missing some guys (Jon,Garrett,Evandro,Adam.ect….)and also I think that´s the real men´s list of models,they schould be the 50 top men,there is allot of new faces for a season then they off,you guys schould make a list of the 25 new faces!!!!

  3. Yes Janelle. I agree that this ranking is accurate, but Pickett…….really? I didn’t think he even worked that much anymore. Elated to see Noah and David G. in the Top. Now they really do get paid! I still think they are iconic.WONDERFUL JOB MDC WITH THE SITE MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES. KEEP IT COMING.

  4. I hope Autry keeps raking in the cash since it seems like Halle is trying to wash her hands of him completely.

  5. There are quite a few of the male models who are not very attractive facially. Is that why they are popular because you don’t look at them but rather at the product? With the exception of David Gandy and Gabriel Aubrey and one or two others, I would not look twice at the ads. Why are the agencies looking at the unattractive and disheveled to sell products. Is the 15-minute generation that messed up in the head?

  6. IOANN

    Maybe Gabriel is washing his hands of her. And it won’t be long before he finds somebody else, without temper tantrums

  7. I love Gabriel Aubrey. He’s the best Everything he wears looks buyable and fitting. He is extremely handsome and moves well. I wish editors would stop including Halle with his business. He’s better looking than she is….. By far!! He should have no trouble getting jobs!!!Some day I would like to meet him I bet he’s a super guy. Bye for now