Daphne: Now Represented by Supreme Management

Daphne Groeneveld at Givenchy Men’s FW 11. Image via style.com

It’s a coup, it is a score… it’s very exciting news for those New York clients who have been clamoring for that Daphne booking. The Dutch sensation now has New York representation at Supreme Management. Expect this girl’s charts to be jammed to the hilt with the best clients.

  1. Rio,you are right but let’s face it…Women Milan did the greatest job ever done on a nwe face!!!

  2. that wont prevent Daphne from getting lines like “she looks weird”. And Boy from newcastle “biggest model of the decade”, r u sure? me dont think so

  3. Considering she’s in the Women network, who else would she sign with in NYC aside from Women/Supreme?

  4. Actually

    she looks like esther canadas (yeah you, look her up, what are you, 9 and just starting to look at fashion?) meets naomi preizler

    have you seen the high res images of her at Dior HC?

    to “me”: every top model began her career as a “weird looking one”. it’s those features that make them surreal. today we see faces like cindy, shalom harlow, claudia schiffer etc as classic beauties but at the beginning of their careers they were considered too this too that and too weird with the wrong coloring and wrong proportions. classic is always being reinvented.

  5. No need to be condescending, kitkat. People are entitled to their own opinions

  6. I hope she keeps her exclusivity like s/s season, and only walk a few big shows – Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, like that.

  7. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet, that she looks a LOT like River Viiperi :)

  8. Im tired of the “I dont get her” and the “she looks like”…
    Sure, fine, everybody is entitled to an opinion but come on guys, have you even looked at her portfolio? I cant even recall a young girl in recent times like her that stood her own between the MCB’s and the Lara Stone’s of this business. Have you even seen the VP editorials she did, when she was only 15? Hello?
    And dont get me started on the Kloss or Jac, they both have their pre’s and contra’s and are way from complete. This one is quite special, Im not so into her look either, but her trackrecord is IMPECCABLE, both runway- and editorial-wise she completely delivers. Definite star-potential. She deserves everything that is coming to her. Period.

  9. She only looks like Esther C because of the huge lips.. otherwise she looks nothing like her. I’m guessing Daphne’s lips are natural, Esther’s were not, she’s now a huge mess because of all the collagen.

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