Radical Lydia


Lydia Hearst/Ford. Ph Steven Meisel /It Vogue April 04.
Catch the slight distortion of the lens shifting the head to neck ratio, the high eighties make-up and those vibrant eyes. Viramontes would have blushed. The new Italian Vogue is a keeper, as is the cover-girl, Ford’s new force, Lydia Hearst. Though she’s only been modeling for three months, Miss Hearst is already skyrocketing as one of the most coveted new faces around. And with Cameron, Dasha, Jenny Harper and Remy recharging the board, it looks like Ford is getting ready to retake the high editorial territory. Then there’s new find Juliana, a half Japanese, half Brazilian newcomer so special MDC is clearing room just for her. Stay tuned.

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