Modeling’s Most Wanted


Gemma/IMG. Ph. Meisel for It Vogue Suppl. March 04
12 for Versace+10 for Prada+6 for D+G = what? The trend of designers trying to pack as many retail “looks” on set for maximum bang on their dollar. It sure is a buyer’s market for the FW 04 campaigns and whilst it’s too soon to print the particulars of the bookings (or the scandalous fees), a new generation of stars is moving up market. When MDC was done counting the sheer quantity of key show and editorial bookings over the past two months, these were the second season girls most likely to succeed. Don’t worry though, for the Darias and Julias and Eugenias of the world. The market moves so fast now, those girls are veritable veterans. Stay tuned next week for MDC Top Ten Newcomers.

4.Caroline Trentini/Marilyn
5.Caroline Winberg/Women
6.Polina /City (Paris)
7.Lily Cole/Storm (London)
8.Querelle/City (Paris)
9.Michele Buswell/Marilyn
10 Nicole Trunfio/Women

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