Carola’s Grace

Carola Remer/ Image courtesy of 1 Model Management.

A striking face is a compelling thing and 1 Management’s Carola’s  visage has certainly  kicked up a buzz for the  German beauty. Stay tuned for her first editorial run.

  1. gorgeous bone structure! love her eyebrow/eye bone and cheekbones. a little reminiscent of Magdalena.

  2. Now thats an Awesome Face!
    Love Her Bone Structure, Lips, Eyes, Nose… Just Gorgeous.
    Her blank expression makes her seem “Everyday Beautiful” not just another posed princess… :)

  3. Lovely girl.
    She reminds me amazing and criminally underrated Solange Wilvert.

  4. Wowwww. Really different. Really inspiring. And no…Magdalena Frackowiak has more of a rounder face. Two different beauties.

  5. She’s very pretty and quite unique looking.

    She’s got those very far-apart Kate Moss looking eyes.

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting her on an airline. She is very BUEATIFUL inside and out!

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