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Clint visits MDC. Clint/Major Model Management

His A/X underwear posters rule NY right this second, which is why we caught up with Major’s Clint Mauro, at the A/X store poster signing in Soho. Clint then stopped by the MDC offices for this Q+A where this modest young campaign icon answered a few of Betty Sze’s burning questions.

MDC: Your pictures are all over town and in the magazines. How has it been being the A/X underwear model? CM: It’s been really amazing. I am so happy to be a part of something that’s had such an incredible response.

MDC: What was it like at the A/X event this past weekend where you met a lot of your fans?
CM: It was so much fun meeting the fans. I loved the turn out and the excitement people had when they came in was so great.

Clint holds up one of the famous shots.

MDC: You were our model of the week a year and a half ago. What exciting things have you done since then?
CM: I’ve gotten to work in Milan, do the shows and work with Mr Armani himself. It was such an amazing experience. I’ve worked with GQ and I’ve also shot a few other campaigns with AX.

MDC: You obviously go to the gym but what’s overall most effective for you in staying lean?
CM: I finally just gave in and started eating better. I keep it simple with my workout. I do cardio, and natural workouts like push ups and sit ups.

MDC: In brief, what’s your favorite exercise to do when you work out?
CM: Yoga would have to be my favorite at this point. It’s a totally different kind of workout than I’m used to and it gives me a complete mental and physical workout.

MDC: Thanks, Clint for stopping by! CM: You’re welcome!


Poster boy


The face of the cool brand A/X


A happy fan


Another satisfied customer


The line out the door at A/X Soho

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