Gone Too Soon

An iconic shot of Kate Moss by Corrine Day

Most of us knew Corinne Day only through the images she created, but that doesn’t lessen the shock of hearing the news of her untimely death. Day was only 45 when she died Saturday after a long struggle with a brain tumor, but her influence lives on via her pictures. The images she took were revolutionary, not because of a camera trick or Photoshop manipulation, but due to their honesty and sincerity. The sight of a freckle faced, teenaged Kate Moss frolicking on the beach in the pages of The Face made an impact because it was so different from what was going on in fashion at that moment. Though that image has been duplicated time and time again, that moment can never be recreated, neither can Day’s incomparable talent. She will be missed.

Day with her muse, Kate Moss at the Fifteen Exhibition

  1. R.I.P Corinne Day
    i can’t belive it, So sad
    but life is a process and soon or later everyone has to die
    so we have to live every day as happy as we can

  2. Why smile in such sadness?…It’s because of the memories Of laughter shared in the past….The humour of life, the fun and the joy…The reminiscences certain to last.
    Why relief in such sadness?…It’s because there is peace…With no more chance of pain No one can hurt, nor take away…There will never be fear again….Ms Day u have suffered for so long…but ur true talent lives on…R.I.P

  3. I never forgot when I discovered Kate Moss the first time with Corrine Day pictures it was in New-York it was a light breeze
    So sad too soon too young

  4. I feel honored to have met Corinne several times. I will always remember thinking what a courageous photographer she was; willing to shoot with an honesty so few photgraphers ever have. My condolances go out to her friends and family. She will be greatly missed.

  5. Corinne’s light was extinguished far too soon for me… But God must’ve felt her job on Earth was done. Corinne made a lot of us happy and inspired many of us with her images…I guess that was her task here, and she’s completed it.

    Rest In Peace, Corinne. We’ll miss you.

  6. I, too, am saddened to hear Ms Day has passed from us. She was an extraordinary and gifted photographer and no doubt a remarkable and loving person and friend. To those who were close to her and her art I wish my deepest symapathies and thoughts of comfort during your grief. When any one passes we are the losers for that person’s compassion, wisdom, and truth will be missed. God speed, dear lady, and to those who were honored to pose for her, just remember, I am sure you will.
    Thank you models.com for the news, even so sad, yet, Ms Day’s pain has vanished finally.

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