In Memoriam: Tom Nicon

Last Friday, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death of model Tom Nicon. Called “a sweet and gentle soul” and “an angel” by those who knew him well, Tom touched everyone that he met during his much too brief life. Our deepest condolences to all his family, friends and loved ones.

  1. more one fashion industry suicide?
    c’mom people…stop treating them like clothes hangers.

  2. Still shocked for Ambrose Olsen’s death, here we go loosing another angel :(

    it’s terrible

    My condolences to his family and friends!


  3. RIP Tom Nicon and my deepest condolences to his family. I was shocked and saddened to find out about the news. Another young model’s life lost.

    Although it has been confirmed suicide as the cause of death (NYMAG speculates it was due to his recent breakup), I really hope this opens the eyes to the people in the industry, specifically those of power. There are so many cold, narcissistic, and even abusive people that see models simply as objects with no value other than looks. Which is why I believe so many models end up getting lost and succumb to such consequences nowadays. These are people too! Not only models, but those that try and make it in the industry as well and get treated with little to no value. I speak from my own experience and I started to see my worth by how “major” my work was or how “fabulous” I did and went through severe depression. This may not relate to Tom’s reasons, but it creates such a snowball-effect that it affects everything in life.

    I really pray this changes soon. I’d be damned to hear of another death in the industry.

  4. what a beautiful photograph. he was such a charismatic model. repose en paix angel

  5. So incredibly sad. We forget that these fashion idols we create and worship are people, and in many instances, children. Yes, fashion can be glorious, but so is the pressure for models.

  6. RIP Tom Nicon. He was such a good guy, sweet, open and willing to give anyone a smile. The reasons for his decision belong to no one else but him and maybe, if he wants it that way; his family.

    Too much speculation has been going on about models and their suicidal tendencies. It is true that the model life does not provide the necessary grounds for a stable life. It is not an occupation where you can easily maintain relationships with people or get comfortable with your surroundings. This is because as a model you have to travel and there is always the superstition that as a model people talk to you or want to know you because of your looks, or your ‘fame’. And yes, often do I hear the argument that people treat models as objects, or that it is stressful not to have a steady income, or to compete with your friends. However, I think it’s interesting that people talk so much about how many models kill themselves and not about how many accountants might. There are allot of models in this world, and there is not a disproportionate amount of suicides in the industry, although we could do with some better guidance and treatment from within the industry.

    As a model, yes it is hard not to be able to live in one city, you have to travel, this is your job. As a model, yes it is hard to have people judge you on your looks, but where is this not the case these days? Is that not why the luxury fashion industry – an industry which focuses on creating an individual identity based on how we dress – has become a multi billion dollar business? Moreover, we get paid generously for our services, more than the people that dress us, while we put in less effort. And going to the gym, eating healthy; I do not consider an effort, this is normal and EVERYONE should be doing this.

    – As a model we travel the world.
    – We make money not because our talents, but because of our looks (on a side note, I think it is thus irritating that ‘the industry’ refers to models as talents, as if my looks are the only thing I excel in).
    – We meet the most wonderful people, people such as Tom Nicon.
    And to show our respect to him, we should not call him, one of the many model suicide cases, as many of the news stories do. We should show him dignity and we should realize that he was a human being in the first place, not a model, or a suicide case in a line of many. And that it’s because he was such an amazing person, that we should cherish our memories of him and honor his existence and mourn his death… And not, folks, because he was good at his job, or fit for his job… Not because he took a good picture. But because he was TOM NICON, one of our brothers as we are all brothers and sisters, and because he was an amazing person. Who cared about people, and who did that with commitment.

    I have known Tom for about 5 years. I am not his best friends, not one of his better friends. I saw Tom at castings, and we talked about things. I did jobs with him and we talked about things. I saw him at night and I partied with him. I traveled the world and met with him in a variety of cities. And my general impression of Tom is a wonderful person, who could love and appreciate people for who they were.

    “Love and light” buddy.

  7. It’s so, so sad. But I think to say his suicide was a result of industry pressures is an assumptive and shallow analysis of a human being’s unknowable state of mind. He was a model, yes, but he was a human first. His occupation may have had nothing to do with his death, but either way it is a terribly sad loss.

  8. I wholly agree with Anonymous 3:38 and Ajne. Like both have stated, he was a model, but he was a human first. People from all walks of life are subject to depression. Modeling can be tough, but these models have to take responsibility for their own lives. If don’t like what the job calls for, they need pursue another career. I’m not specifically referring to Tom’s situation, but addressing those who feel the industry needs to change. Although I don’t know any models personally I’ve read interviews of some who seem to have a really fresh perspective on their careers; seeing it as just that, their job, not their whole life.

    Anonymous 3:38, thank you for sharing your memories of Tom with us. May he rest in peace.

  9. I wholly agree with Anonymous 3:38 and Ajne. Like both have stated, he was a model, but he was a human first. These models, like all other human beings, have to take responsibility for their own lives. If they don’t like what the job calls for, they need to pursue another career. I’m not specifically referring to Tom’s situation, but to those who feel the industry needs to change. Although I don’t any professional models personally, judging from numerous interviews that I’ve read the majority of them seem to have a clear perspective on their careers. Seeing it as just their job, not their whole lives.

    Anonymous 3:38, thank you for sharing your memories of Tom with us. He will be truly missed. May he rest in peace.

  10. Thank you for your wonderful memories and poignant thoughts 3:38. I do not believe that the industry played any part in Tom’s death. This is an area I truly believe he was secure in. RIP Tom. Your kind heart and unique spirit will be missed by all who knew you.

    “Love and Light”

  11. I also completely agree with Anonymous 3:38, Tom Nicon really was an incredible soul and we should honor his existence and mourn his death.
    He will truly will be missed and will forever remain in my memory.

  12. Everyone has made great points here, but to say that it’s shallow to think that a part of the reason may be due to the pressures of the industry, then we may as well say it’s ignorance on the other end as well. There is a trend going on; let us not blind ourselves. Just because a model is not as visible as the other, does not mean the reasoning of their actions be different. We may never know why, but I hope this at least teaches us to treat people in the industry different and see them as human beings (which we all can agree on).

    But I completely have to disagree on you LD with “seeing it as just their job, not their whole lives” – modeling may be a short-term career, but sometimes the effects can last a lifetime. It’s not like some other occupation where you can make a mistake and correct it later, your imperfection is not something you can easily change and you may grow thinking that something is wrong with you.

    I just feel, that in dedication to Tom and the models who have gone, that we at least think twice on how we treat people (not just models, but everyone in the industry). Fashion is brutal, but being kind to one another can really make a difference.

    May you rest in peace, Tom.

  13. you know who is the photographer of this?I need to buy a copy of this….

  14. You can’t blame the industry for someone else CHOOSING to take their own life after CHOOSING to become a model. If the pressure is too much, one can easily leave and get another job or go back to school and get a job like every other person. The truth is most models are obsessed with being models and have no desire to do anything else at the cost of god forbid not being “fabulous”.

    Something else was probably going on with Tom as there was with the other models who killed themselves. There are people who survived the Holocaust and genocide Darfur for God’s sake. And rest assured none of them signed up for that.

  15. More inevitable with a young person with a beautiful future ahead, it was halted. Perhaps now is in a much better place and quiet. Rest in peace!

  16. I pray the industry can do something about this. My heart goes out to his family and friends who have survived him. RIP, Tom Nicon.

  17. ………Just remember TOM,

    for who he really was, not for his career, not for the industry, I’ve never met him, but I was very glad to take a lovely pic of him during the COSTUME NATIONAL’s show, here in Milan, in my opinion, he seemed to be a very kind hearted soul, when I took the picture, he gladly posed for me, without showing attitute or fakeness, he was simply being himself!

  18. If only there were more people like you who understand the pressures and the sadness of being beautiful. You can make a difference. It is a very hard challenge to help those who want more than being beautiful; to understand why else they are living. Being beautiful just happens. Who you are requires some soul searching and a lot of help from others. So very young indeed.

  19. After only finding out about beautiful toms death on Monday night, i spent most of that night thinking about him and his emotional state! This kills me inside to think he felt so sad and alone, that thought kills me! He always looked so lovely and sweet so this news has shocked me greatly.

    He had been one of my favorite models for some time, i always thought tom looked fantastic on the runway, almost owning the runway with that wonderful walk he had, he always had the best walk in my opinion. I feel for his family and loved ones at this time and i wish them love and hope they can get through this.

    22 years old, this is a waste and that also kills me inside just thinking about that. Burberry won’t feel the same for me now tom has left us, Burberry is my favorite label and tom was one of my favorite models, i cried for about 3 hours on and off last night. The strange thinG is i was watching some videos on youtube on some runways shows, and i just happened to think about tom (This was before i new he had died) and i did a google search for latest news on tom because i was aware Milan fashion week was going on. Then i saw from the links he had died on Friday.

    I didn’t know this as i’ve been ultra busy over the weekend, it really hit me seeing all the news stories, at first i thought it was me seeing things but sadly i was right in what i was seeing. I still can’t believe it now.


    @ miumiu, That response of yours was pretty cold, yes people have been through worse and yes many people have died in wars. But we are not talking about those things, we are paying respect to a young man who took his own life who felt lost, so a little kindness will you!!

    From Karen, London, England.

  20. Yes, Ashley I understand you very clearly, but a part from beauty, there may be, lot more pressure involved, that who knows, only who he was living with, may have captured…………

    He had an amazing career, friends, and yet, somethin was missin!!!

    May he find peace…….

  21. I have experienced two suicides of very different ages in different countries, plus one attempted and one discussed. They were different ages, from different countries lifestyles and years apart. The key to a suicide, I have found, is to LISTEN.

    They tell you they are fragile and are holding on by a thread. Some of us are not strong enough for the fight. Suicides succeed because in their vulnerable moment someone does not take them seriously. After the first suicide of a family friend I was horrified. GET IN FRONT OF IT. If someone says they feel depressed, just ask if they are feel like ending it and sit in that moment with them until you are sure you can leave them alone or get them to safety from themselves. It could be anyone, a friend you don’t know very well or a passerby. Because the worst thing is to know they told you and you did not STOP IN THAT MOMENT.

    It took hours of talk with a class friend I did not know very well. I was scared to ask. She was surprised I was willing to talk with her about it when her mother did not. It was exhausting but we made it through that day. Years and years later, I heard it in someone else voice. I was surprised but ready. So many are more fragile than we realize.

    It is not the about the industry, it is about the one human and one other human in one moment. And that is all.

  22. Our deepest condolences to his family & friends & all who love him.
    Russia, Moscow.

  23. TO: miumiu .
    June 22nd, 2010
    at 9:57 am

    OMG ! is this message from Miuccia PRADA ?

  24. 真的很可惜,傻孩子,难道还有什么比活着更重要的?为什么要选择离开?你知不知道,即使她不在爱你,也还有很多人正在为你伤心。难道坠楼那瞬间的痛比活着暂时的痛轻吗?

  25. I ran across this news almost a year later. For someone who reads about this and is depressed please consider this. Please do not make permanent choices to solve temporary problems. Talk to someone who listens to you. Be around people who care for you. God loves you. It could all look different tomorrow.

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