1. this girls are so great ….my favarites are tati cotliar, dafne cejas and carla gebahrt from argentina ….they are unique and his personallity is unique ….also melissa

  2. I see Major Model Management NYC listed on here as a top agency, but when I click on their website, it seems to have been discontinued. Did they go under???

  3. Top 10 New Faces? Some of these girls aren’t new. What is the definition of a new face?

    have the most potential in becoming seasonal success and influencial players. The Kenny girls are good to and take pictures very differently from each(thank God,lol) Carla and Yuilana will be big players towards in the fall in very coveted spots, I think!(that will bring into spotlight more)…..This group of girls listed including Lais and Ann Kenny… They seem very carefully picked out this season(I never seen that before) I think this year it’s going to fun and full of surprises when comes to opening the latest Paris Vogue or Surface… LOL! THERE IS A GROUP OF GIRLS COMINGS ALONG WITH JAC, so beware (these are those girls) foe sure… cant wait!

  5. besides Lais and Ann are included in Style.com top ten so needed to worry!

  6. hi lorena,………. I do not know. I also can not open the website from major in new york. Are they gone out of business???????

  7. Love Julia, she’s so unique and refreshing. She’s back home at the moment for some rest but when she gets back in the game – look out!

  8. Where is Chrishell Stubbs? What the hell happened? She’s signed to Ford models nd has the “IT Quality” written all over her body!!!! Where is the color models.com?

  9. guys, why don´t you stop telling them who should be on the list and who shoudn´t? do you really think they don´t know what they´re doing? THIS IS THE TOP TEN LIST and it´s not an amateur thing…

  10. Tati is so fresh and i love her personality, and look, is so diferent. TATI IS THE NEXT TOP MODEL