Victoria’s Secret show cancelled, Virgil Abloh did a thing and more of the news you missed

Victoria’s Secret Cancels Fashion Show
The lingerie giant announced it would no longer be doing its broadcasted fashion show. The spectacle had became the focal point of criticisms, Victoria’s Secret unable or unwilling to modernize its increasingly out of touch brand image. L Brands’ Stuart B. Burgdoerfer explained the company is “figuring out how to advance the positioning of the brand and best communicate that to customers.” Among the varied issues leading to this were dips in viewership, seemingly transphobic statements from ex-chief marketing officer Ed Razek, and a lack of body-diversity and representation on and off the runway. [WWD]

There is Another Virgil Abloh Exhibition Coming
The Off-White and Louis Vuitton designer is working on a new show being held at Paris’ Galerie Kreo in January. Titled Efflorescence, Abloh revealed the upcoming exhibition via his Instagram. Efflorescence will focus on concrete both as a medium and a subject of meditation. The announcement adds to his full return to work, namely back to the Louis Vuitton headquarters, after giving notice of a health-oriented break in which he worked from his Chicago home for 3 months. [British Vogue]

Director Wong Kar-wai Collaborated With Saint Laurent
In the Mood for Love director Wong Kar-wai has collaborated with Saint Laurent for the fifth installment of its film series. Wong Kar-wai curated “SELF 05 A Night in Shanghai” working alongside Wing Shya who directed the film. In it, Chinese model Xiao Wen Ju explores Saint Laurent’s personality through the lens of Shanghai. “Kar-wai’s art is like a vivid dream projected into real life, which emphasises the contrast between the fragile aspect of humanity and reality,” Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello said. The piece premiered today and will be viewable at the Yuz Museum until November 24th.

Mario Testino Easing Back Into Public Eye?
Testino, who has been mostly reclusive after his sexual assault allegations, has started to put himself back in the public eye. His latest appearance is in the form of a black and white photograph of Kim Kardashian West with her daughter posted only on her Instagram, tagging Testino but not mentioning him in the caption. It could be read as part of a cautious longterm strategy for the now-divisive photographer to move back into the public sphere––or not.

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