These Black-Owned Brands Are Looking to Disrupt the Status Quo

All Ndebele and Maasai jewelry (worn throughout) – Luangisa African Gallery | Both models wearing Pyer Moss | Shoes – Vintage

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin

Reflecting back on a contentious 28 days, the news cycle has been mired with sophomoric controversy from both within and without of fashion. Consider where we are presently – the fashion industry as a sartorial microcosm of society has recently pushed for inclusion on the runways, yet behind-the-scenes there’s still much to be accomplished. Whether it’s a lack of women and people of color in positions of power behind the lens or in the boardroom, indistinguishable runway front rows, or the disproportionate support of designers outside the status quo, there have been several calls to action to propel the business into the future.

In America, there is a tradition of looking back at black cultural accomplishments in February ever since historian Carter G. Woodson first proposed the first Negro History Week over 90 years ago. Now a month that is observed both in the States and Canada, Black History Month has stood as a tradition to reflect on how far modern society has come and how far it has to go. Here on the precipice of one commemorated month transitioning to another, sought out an intersectional, all-female led team to bring the vibrant creations of black designers and traditional African accessories to life. These brands take on concerns with their design practices from sustainability to maintaining livable wages for their workforce to mental health and fighting against an often too demanding fashion schedule. Photographer Dana Scruggs and stylist Karina Sharif capture in Brooklyn Hot Lister Aube Jolicoeur and new face, Nya Kong, as they don some of the designers making a mark right now in honor of this indispensable month.

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Photographer – Dana Scruggs for
Stylist – Karina Sharif
Hair – Susan Oludele | Makeup – Michela Wariebi | Nails – Nori
Models – Aube Jolicoeur and Nya Kong
Editor – Irene Ojo-Felix

On both models: Dress, top and skirt – Christopher John Rogers | Shoes – Brother Vellies

White top and bottom – Thelma’s Vanity | Tights – Falke | Shoes – Brother Vellies

Multicolor animal-print suit and green suit – Christopher John Rogers | Shoes – Brother Vellies

Top – Shanel Campbell | Gloves – We Are LOV’D

Quilted leotard – Shanel Campbell | Boots – Thelma’s Vanity

Top, jacket and bottom – We Are LOV’D | Bag – Zashadu

Green suit – Christopher John Rogers

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