This Male Model Has Made History at Chanel

The ancient Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art was the perfect setting for Chanel‘s traveling tour for Métiers d’Art. The Pre-Fall runway show dialed up Egyptian influences of gilded excess to showcase the house’s atelier arsenal, the craftspeople who bring their expertise to all those coveted hats, buttons, shoes, and costume jewelry the brand is known for. Turning to the casting, all the Chanel regulars were apart including a few notable male additions. There haven’t been many men to walk in a Chanel show – Baptiste Giabiconi, Lucky Blue Smith, Brad and Hudson Kroenig are just a few of Karl constants that come to mind – so the addition of recent Top 50 muse, Alton Mason immediately stood out. Walking after entertainer Pharrell, the model donned look 42 – an angora knit turtleneck with lapis lazuli detailing and gold pants, with shoes and saunter to match. In a time where breaking boundaries is as necessary as it is rare, he stands as the first black male model to walk a Chanel show in the brand’s 109-year history.

  1. Naomi Campbell has made history, Naomi Sims has made history, Beverly Johnson has made history, Donyale Luna has made history, Grace Jones has made history, Iman Abdulmajid has made history, but this boy…???

  2. Amazing!! Been following for awhile :) Always nice to watch the come up!!

  3. Altonnnnn😩😩😩🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🖤🖤🖤🖤🚀🙌🏽 I feel so happy I really feel so happy from within

  4. Chanel should be embarrassed that they have a bad habit of not being inclusive, this shouldn’t be an accomplishment. It’s like, “ oh you’re one of the good black ones because we never use your kind.” I’m not into it. Alton Mason however is a great model.

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