Jamaica is Gearing Up to be One of Fashion’s Biggest Exports

Where there’s paradise, beauty naturally follows but the latest journey for Models.com is less flora, more the charming faces of the moment. Jamaica has always been home to some of the best faces in fashion but its recent uptick in notable runway slayers made us take notice. From Naomi Campbell to Grace Jones, history has created the perfect guideline for these top faces from Saint International to become just as legendary. Photographer Amandla Baraka gets intimate with portraits in Jamaica’s lush setting to see why brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Balenciaga can’t get enough.

See more of Jamaica’s exports below.

Photography by Amandla Baraka for Models.com
Special thanks to Jamaica Pegasus Hotel | Travel and accomodation provided by Saint International

Naki Depass

Romaine Sterling

Wayne Booth

Tevin Steele

Jannel Samantha Duncan

Haytal Blackwood

Aakesh Henderson

Jodanne Wellington

Jonny Brown

Elecia Gordon

Jermaine Downer

Brad Allen

Barbra-Lee Grant

Jenese Roper

Tami Williams

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