The Men Of Milan

Matt Benstead/NY Models. Image courtesy of NY Models

The army of male mannequins have just about finished their Milan runway duty. So who were the blue chip designer favorites? It was the Top 50 crew of Danny Beaucham/Select, Mathias/NY Models, Michael Camiloto, Evandro, Noah Mills, and Vincent Lacrocq holding their place in the front ranks. But look out for new Top 50 favorites like Arian, Jamison Scott, Reid Prebenda, Owen Steuart, and Louis Prades to upgrade their market status. Doing incredibly well right this second is NY Models‘ Matt Benstead who opened for Dolce as well as walking for Missoni, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Neil Barrett, Gucci, Versace and Dsquared. And you better bet he’s going to convert that visibility to dollar signs. Stay tuned.

  1. He is not just a beautiful look, he is a great guy and thats why he wins the work. ;-)

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