Alexander Wang had lots of great Asian models, meet the Chinese new girl who opened it

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Besides Alexander Wang down playing his party side (sort of) with his laser-focused Matrix businesswomen, his runway was an affectionate and powerful articulation of diversity right from the gate. A line of Asian models took the first steps down his cubicle-lined runway at Condé Nast’s old offices. It wasn’t a few speckled in to add an air of inclusivity, it was in the twenties out of the forty-four look Fall show. Yep, more than you can count on two people’s hands, nearly half. The first 10 came out in succession: Chunjie Liu, Chuyan He, Shujing Zhou, Su Kexin, Ling Tan, EZ , Chen Siqi, Sora Choi and Xie Chaoyu. Closing the show was Sohyun Jung.

The show’s official opener Chunjie gave us the first taste of Wang’s femme-fatale looks donning a pair of sunglasses and spiked gloves. Wang’s women meant business, an especially relevant message in this post #metoo world. Leading a Wang army is quite an epic start to a model’s fashion month. Chun Jie comes from Henan China, and graduated last year from a university in Xi’An where she studied interior design. “I was scouted at a contest hosted by my (now) mother agency in Beijing in November 2016,” says Chun Jie, “A chance that changed me.” Flash forward and she’s walking for one of the buzziest shows in New York, one that’s often a game changer for girls holding exclusives like Chun Jie. “I’m very excited about the Alexander Wang show, I’m really really really happy I got it,” she says.

Next for Chunjie? “I want to keep a good state of mind in my work and exercise my body to make my future better. come on!”

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  1. Ting Yan, the second girl in this show is the new face most interesting and promising, I think.

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