Meet the photographer all the British it-mags already approve of

Hanna Moon is casually photographing editorials for Dazed, Re-Edition and Enniful’s new British Vogue, but she doesn’t–yet–have the same visibility that the photographers like say a Weir, or a Collins–or a Lebon have, and if her visual cloth looks cut from anywhere near his it’s because South Korean, London-based Moon worked for the now superstar Tyrone. Her favorable reception into the pages of London’s it-mags almost happened without a sound, that’s probably because she’s such a good fit–her images bridge purpose with unaffectedness, art with application, while also simultaneously bringing an extra seat to fashion’s table for a more diverse representation. Moon’s approach comes naturally as does our enjoyment of her images. talked with Hanna about all things Moon.

The lowdown…
I am from South Korea and now I live in London. I came to London as an exchange student 7 years ago and been stuck here since then. I studied Fashion communication at CSM. I made a magazine called ‘A Nice Magazine’ as my graduate project and it got started working in fashion industry.

Molly Smith for British Vogue
Do your roots influence your work? How so?
I think it definitely does, in both unconscious / conscious way. I grew up in a very different culture to where I am now. I am also absorbing what I am surrounded by now. And I think that’s my advantage for what I do, having a slightly different point of view. This might sound too simple and dumb but I also shoot a lot of asian models.

What are the modern challenges of being a photographer?
Trying to create something original and relevant and also enjoying yourself.

Heejin, styled by Haley Wollens

Is there anything you had to unlearn to improve?
Doing everything myself. Fashion projects are collaborative process working with other people such as stylist, hair and make up artist, set designer and more. That’s why it is exciting to me and it can lead me into something I couldn’t have imagined just by myself

What’s the most truly unrelated thing that has inspired you or left an impression on your work?
Me being single and lesbian [laughs] actually that is so related.

Can fashion shoots be as personal as say…personal work?
Yes absolutely. What does fashion mean anyway? I am drawn to people’s character and what they wear is huge part of it.

Stella Lucia for Dazed Magazine

Aomi Muyock for SSAW Magazine

Your favorite kind of subject or person? Any examples?
Female nude. I try to be as sensible as possible with people I shoot. But also I think nude is just a body and it’s about how the viewer want to see them. Also as a female photographer, there is definitely something I can contribute to give diversity of view in nude photography.

What’s up with A Nice Magazine?
It’s on its way! But its a very slow process and I only want to make a magazine serving its purpose. As there are too many of them out there!

When you aren’t working you are…
In bed.

Can you give me an elevator pitch for your fantasy project?
Send me to Japan! And I will comeback with something delightful. I promise

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