Lip Light Sensation

My friend and I were in a cab the other night en route to a swank party and I needed a little touch up. I pulled out my gloss and with a simple click of the cap’s top, dual lights instantly turn on to illuminate my nicely lacquered lips. To my friend’s delight and astonishment, she asked me what marvelous device I had just whipped out of my bag, and I said with a big smile, “Why, it’s my Liparazzi!” An ingenious gloss tube that is equipped with a side mirror and a glorious light. Great for discreet make up checks and lighting up the bottom of your bag when you’re fumbling for the keys after a few too many cocktails…. Available in five sexy hues with tell tale names like Stalker, Entourage, Velvet Rope and my personal favorite, After Party! $25

Available at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue,
(212) 247-1100 or

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