Kate Soars

Kate Moss/IMG / Nikon

If only you could see Kate Moss‘ FW 06 campaign portfolio you might be convinced that she is indeed the original indestructible model. It’s public news that Ms. Moss is back in her CK Jeans gig and as AdRants reports, also doing a lucrative run for Nikon with a promo web site (stunningnikon.com) launching May 8. And then there are the blue chip luxury clients (Vuitton among several others) who are signing up in droves. In fact FW 06 is looking like the season of icons with the likes of Stella Tenannt/DNA, Liya/IMG , Maria Carla/Women and Malgosia/Next nabbing most of the coveted gigs. We could say what they are but perhaps seeing is believing, no?

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