Victoria’s Secret Show 2013

Posted by Kristen Bolt | November 15th, 2013


Victoria’s Secret Show 2013

The annual Victoria’s Secret show is more than your typical runway show. VS is a global media moment; with Taylor Swift performing and millions tuning in on television this isn’t your average catwalk – it’s bigger, brasher and designed for mass appeal. The mega-brand has always had its own niche within in the world of fashion – occupying the space where sexy and glitzy converge into Swarovski embellished lingerie and angel wings – but this year they turned it up a notch. 2013’s twist on the now classic holiday treat involves a whole lotta blingy, bubbly fun wrapped up in a pink bow. Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Lindsay Ellingson, Cara Delevingne and more were all front and center, dolled up to perfection and strutting their stuff on the world stage.

Photos by Billy Rood for
Text by Janelle Okwodu
























































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59 Comments to “Victoria’s Secret Show 2013”

  1. Jean Claude says:

    Beautiful..but lets be honest…
    This “super skinny” look on some the girls is REALLY not sexy… Also looks like there have been some silly casting decisions…Where is Bregje?!

  2. slinnea says:


    Some of the girls are perhaps too high fashion but i love this time of year because of the show.
    Looking forward to seeing it on tv

  3. berlin says:

    some of them are far too thin in my opinion, i love that looks for high fashion but for mass appeal lingerie?! no way

  4. Miriam says:

    I agree with Jean Claude. VS was a symbol for beautiful, sexy and natural girls and now it’s just getting too high fashion and loosing that differentiation. Just notice what happened to Adriana Lima, she must have lost about 10 Kg since last year’s show. New standards of minimum height and maximum weight perhaps? Hey angels, just go to the gym, build up those muscles and loose those curves! It’s a shame, but of course, the show still looks very entertaining …

  5. ash says:

    Yes, many of the non-VS Angels look frail and no curves.

    I miss the old school shows like from 1999.

    Candice has beautiful skintone by the way. Where are the pictures of Kelly Gale? I’m glad Cindy Bruna made it–definitely a girl to watch.

  6. tamris says:

    What happened to Liu Wen this year?? Candice, Joan and Adriana Lima were flawless. others were too skinny and some too muscular.

  7. j says:

    Magdalena Frackowiak is the best! ♥♥♥

  8. Dan says:

    Must agree with all of the above statements. I always looked forward to this show because the casting aesthetic was not the norm of the editorial world. They seemed to have thrown it out the door with this show, which is a little unfortunate.

  9. Mia says:

    Doutzen, Candice & Adriana, amazing as always! I agree with the majority of the comments here, the models are way too gaunt & skinny for VS as well as lingerie modelling. There’s a huge lack of sex appeal.

  10. Bertrand says:

    I agree with everybody, too many high fashion girls in the cast who look slender yes but not really sexy and curvicious looking women (like the old school 90’s supers) which was VS trademark back then.

  11. hardcore says:

    Jacquelyn and Hilary – stunning
    and Behati in 1 outfit

  12. vs model says:

    Not what it used to be but still fun. Maryna, Magdalena, Toni, Doutzen were fabulous !

  13. Scott says:

    Okay people, We get it. Just like every other year they complain about the thinness of the models. Its what VS wants to represent them. It looks sexy on all the models. Curves do not equal sexy. Sexy is all about appeal. All of these models are the essence of sexy. but off that.. Candice, and Joan are gorgeous! Malakia, Jourdan, Karlie, and Lais really took the show in my opinion. Malakia and Lais are my top 2.

  14. K.M. says:

    Doutzen is insanely beautiful. Cara Delevingne seems so out of place here.

  15. evr says:

    I too am bothered by how skinny everyone is looking. Although these are beautiful high-fashion models, the show isn’t a sexy as it use to be.

  16. Adrien says:

    I love Kasia. She’s just amazing.

  17. bunda says:

    Magdalena WOW this girl is special and her body is waaay much better than what she use to have for the hf shows

  18. Shin says:

    High fashion models are what make the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show even more exciting! All of them look sexy as hell! I like to see both skinny, curvy and athletic girls on the show. Can people stop ever stop complaining about models? It doesn’t matter if they’re too skinny, it’s none of your business.

  19. Lima and Aldrige still best…

  20. Adam says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Tyra and maybe Heidi. Their persona’s screamed the hot older woman next door which I found really attractive. I always thought of the Victoria’s Secret woman as the hot neighbor I went to borrow sugar from and found wearing a robe. She was approachable, had the right amount of curves, confident and didn’t blow a million kisses my way to seduce me. I found that really sexy vs. these girls who seem to think sexy is constantly blowing kisses. The more I see that and duck lip, the more I want to scream “STOP THAT, I’M NOT INTO POULTRY!” at their face. I think sexy is alluring because it isn’t forced, and when i see these super toned, kiss-y face, arms dangling women, I think of them as beautiful but annoying and un-sexy as hell.

    Of course that’s only my definition of sexy but my definition was created through what Victoria’s secret used to definite it as. Maybe Victoria’s secret is loosing to court sorority sisters vs. Stacy’s mom but boy do I miss Stacy’s mom.

    I must say the only kiss-y/duck face i found kinda sexy was Adriana at the end of her red lingerie. That was the closest thing to being sexy I’ve seen in these shows for a while.

  21. Adam says:

    After re reading my post, I apologize from some spelling errors. I blame duck lips for this 😉

  22. Carlos says:


  23. Wingstay says:

    Where was Sigrid Agren??? I saw her on VS’s backstage video…

  24. Sfidi says:

    I don’t understand why Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has changed so much since 2008. Every year the models are thinner and thinner, really skinny. Now I understand why Victoria’s Secret doesn’t like Kate Upton. The best years of Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2003, 2005, 2006) are too far. Nowadays Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, above all, couldn’t take part in Fashion show. For me, Victoria’s Secret models aren’t sexy most of them. My favourite model in the past of Victoria’s Secret(Alessandra Ambrosio) is too much thin now, not like from 2005 to 2008… I want to see in runways models like Sports illustrated issue, but I think it will be impossible.

  25. Sfidi says:

    Ny opinion from Spain

  26. sara says:

    i miss miranda

  27. I’m quite… I mean, sooo… ok, I’m disappinted, as usual, no surprise, but it’s just a very questionable opinion… btw can we take as an objective statement that Monika (obviously Jagaciak) walking Pink that way (“Who needs stylists when you have a 12yo kid on crack?!” someone could say… not me… <_<) is simply a terrible terrible waste?

  28. David says:

    Sui He needs to be the angel

  29. lilly says:

    Behati, Jourdan Dunn, Lais Ribero and Magdalena steal the show! (and of course Candice, but that’s to be expected) Behati is so fun, Lais is so pretty, Jourdan is so beautiful and slender and Magdalena is strikingly seductive. Candice, to me, screams sexual appeal and I love it!

    I love Jac Jagaciak and Malaika Firth in high fashion, but their costumes for this Vic Secret show aren’t too great 🙁 Such a shame because they are such gorgeous girls.

    I don’t get what everyone is saying about body shape? Every girl is beautiful on this runway, they just differ in size. For me, personally, I think Doutzen is an amazing looking girl, but I feel she’s too muscly so she’s not in my top list.. but that’s just my opinion! We all have it, but we don’t have to put these models down. They’re obviously the best of the best, or they wouldn’t be chosen. They all appeal in different ways!

    Great pictures, I can’t wait to watch!

  30. SASHA says:

    Joan is a Goddess! She should be an ANGEL Asap. Everything exudes sexy, confidence and gorgeousness. Cant wait to see her live on VS.

  31. Mikepty says:

    We miss: Isabelli Fontana, Dorothea, Liu Wen, Barbara P. …But we have Cara Delevigne, Magdalena and Sui…
    We need an Asian Angel now or Latina hope to see my Estee Laudee Girls: Joan or Liu Wen.
    Adam doing stupid show every 3 years in the crowd???? Maybe the next year will perfom again and makes is show on the runway, this time with Behatii.
    Kisses From Panama.

  32. ebencipe says:

    Song choices this year are not that good for runway unlike the previous years.. =( On a different note, I would like to commend Mr. Pfeifer and the VS team for casting models of color like Maria B., Sara S.,Joan S., Sui he and Ming Xi. The Birds of Paradise and Snow Angels segment is by far the best!!! And oh Magdalena closing the show? – supper major!!!

    i even wonder if why Chanel Iman will be returning to the glittered VS runway???

  33. Firdaws says:

    Sadly i do not think TAYLOR SWIFT is a good choice for VS performce.She seemed to be even more out of place than Cara Delevingne….Gee.

  34. Tintin says:

    And where is Kelly Gale if I may ask?

  35. GP says:

    I miss Anja, Edita and Abbey. Can’t wait to watch this show. It’s big motivation for me to go to the gym ha:-D

  36. DK says:

    I absolutely despise VS simply for the fact that they put Jac in that godawful outfit. Are they insane? Jac has one of the best bodies in the fashion industry and they cover her up. I don’t understand. Jac isn’t even someone who remotely belongs in a segment called PINK.

  37. fashionton says:

    It’s a great show! Love Chinese models MingXi and SuiHe.

  38. The most beautiful women victorias secret show .Best models

  39. Jarrid says:


  40. Jasmine says:

    I absolutely love Candice, she looked beautiful ! Go girl you are the best !

  41. Ice Pandora says:

    I miss Miranda Kerr :c

  42. Peche says:

    These girls are so amazing. I wish VS would put transgender models next year. I want to be in the show like these angels. (Peche Di)

  43. Guilherme says:

    It’s quite funny see all the comments arguing about thinness, although the most sayings turn around by the super skinny high fashion models like Magda and her european friends. Honestly, this even isn’t an issue.

    For me the fashion show became year after year, more and more tacky as well.

    I also miss the old times and the good vibe among Gisele, KK, Tyra, Adriana, Alessandra and of course, a good casting.

  44. GP says:

    The show was freaking fabulous. Love the new girls in PINK section.
    Everyone looks hot, sexy and beautiful. Salute!

  45. AnusLova says:

    when are they going to have VS in CROATIA ????

  46. AnusLo says:


  47. AnusLo says:

    VS Croatia 2014 ??? 32