Versace Couture Fall 2013

Posted by | July 16th, 2013


Versace Couture Fall 2013

The Versace woman is an ideal unto itself. In the 30 plus years since the brand’s inception, Versace has created an iconic interpretation of femininity that resonates in and out of the fashion sphere. Ask the average person to describe a Versace woman and certain words automatically spring to mind – powerful, sexy, intense, vibrant and every other adjective that indicates that mix of femininity and carnality that remains a house signature. Donatella knows what the people want and she gives it to them, it’s no accident that perennial favorite Naomi Campbell opened and closed the Atelier Versace show wearing next to nothing. Sex appeal and a hint of shock value are standard on the Versace runway and couture offered a refined take on those themes.

Stylized 1930s portraiture may have been the starting point for Donatella’s lavish showing, but the final collection was firmly rooted in the now. Crystal embellishments, matte croc suiting, smoking jackets worn with little more than a lacy bra – these are pieces designed with seduction in mind. In a youth obsessed industry Versace is offering something decidedly adult; transparency, thigh high slits and plunging necklines dominated the collection and the revealing wares transformed even the most innocent looking models into femme fatales worthy of cinema. Noirish moments aside, the 30s influence was hammered home by way of Art Deco-esque patterns in embroidered onto sculpted gowns and a wealth of weighty diamond jewelry designed by Donatella herself. These choice details are sure to enthrall history buffs, if they can tear their eyes away from all the skin on display.

Text by Janelle Okwodu
Images by Lea Colombo for



















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14 Comments to “Versace Couture Fall 2013”

  1. Yeoh says:

    Howcome Katya Riabinkina and Sasha Luss are still unranked? They’re two of the most omnipresent models out there.

  2. jc says:

    These clothes look much nicer backstage than on the runway.

  3. Lily says:

    @ Yeoh

    Meh, even if the rankings were in touch with reality, Katya & Sasha haven’t worked THAT much to get instantly ranked. Even if they removed the past one season wonders from the Hot List, there’s still a huge queue of girls who’ve achieved more.

  4. Mia says:

    I clicked for Naomi & there’s only one photo of her… 🙁

    Regardless, I love it! I think this is one collection I’d probably prefer & want to see on a celeb, obviously someone with sex appeal.

  5. rebeccah says:

    I was exited to see what the collection would be but im not really crazy about it. Doesn’t feel fresh and seems like the clothes are over done. Not sexy the way I was hoping. Also, the models look miserable, coy or smoldering as they should be. maybe on a circuit model these clothes would look better but they are disconnected to me 🙁

  6. rebeccah says:

    *curvier, not circuit model. Damn u autocorrect!

  7. Verity Vanity says:

    Love it. I was only just speaking with Naomi about this the other week when her, Donetella and I grab a quick power brunch at Café de Flore in Paris. I ordered a Chocolat Viennois (mazing!) and a Quart e Poulet fermier salad verte.
    It was such a strong and beautiful collection. Oops-that’s Naomi on the phone, got to run. Tut tut.

  8. Joel says:

    Ugh! I clicked because of Naomi and all I get are a boat load of images of young girls who aren’t even Versace women. I’d have preferred 10 of the same pic of Naomi from various angles…

  9. Melody says:

    “Versace versace versace versace,
    Medusa head on me like im ‘luminati ….!!!!”

    i love u naomi!

  10. Nigel S. says:

    The show was fantastice. The Versace collections as of the past few seasons seem to be creating quite a buzz that many argue has been missing. Much love to Donatella for pulling thru.

    Naomi…what more can be said.
    She demolished and sexified that runway as only a woman of her instinct and stature can.
    Naomi put the teeny-boppers to bed and reminded all what an Adults Only, late..late evening affair is all about.
    Long live the Queen.

  11. James says:

    Literally in love with every single one of those images. Thank you!

  12. Emporium Group Entertainment says:

    Yes! That’s right femininity, impact, and sensuality. This is VERSACE. Pure PASSION And this pieces express the word.

  13. Onyedikachi says:

    Nice pics!!!looks pretty cool..