Posted by Stephan Moskovic | June 29th, 2016

The Graduates

Jing Wen

Jing Wen cemented her position with a stellar year of appearances in both ad campaigns and magazine covers alike. From Guangzhou city and discovered two years ago when a friend of hers introduced Wen to her agency, the Chinese beauty has finally got her stride and it’s a long one at that. When asked about her proudest moment Wen dates back to “(m)y first campaign in New York, CK1, with Mario Sorrenti. It was great! Also my first big cover, Vogue Italia, with Mario Sorrenti.” The blossoming model is no stranger to the camera however, she’s been behind them for years. “I love taking pictures. I have my camera with me all of the time.” With still so much to do modeling wise the tranquil beauty is focusing her efforts one milestone at a time, but doesn’t rule out an entrepreneurial future. “After modeling, I would love to have a coffee shop or something like that. Somewhere I can just relax and see the people—enjoy life more slowly.” Until then? Full speed ahead!

Above: Theory sweater.
Left: Christopher Kane dress. Right: Jill Stuart bodysuit.

The next frontier for these former Hot List members has arrived! Now part of the Top 50, these girls of the moment have hustled their way through countless hours on the runway and in front of the camera for their spot but this year their recognition is with a twist – the guys are in on the action. Sebastian Kim captures candid portraits of these model muses for this special story shot exclusively for Styled by Vanessa Chow in New York black we take a brief look into the humble beginnings and meteoric rise of this year’s graduating line-up of Bella Hadid, Greta Varlese, Jing Wen, Lineisy Montero, Marjan Jonkman, Tami Williams and Jordan Barrett.

Photography by Sebastian Kim for

Sebastian Kim is represented by Management + Artists + Organization

Model Jing Wen

Editor Stephan Moskovic
Stylist Vanessa Chow (Tim Howard Management)
Hair Stylist Diego Da Silva (Tim Howard Management)
Makeup Artist Yumi Mori (The Wall Group)
Manicurist Michina Koide
Producer Jazmin Alvarez

Text by Irene Ojo-Felix

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3 Comments to “The Graduates: Jing Wen”

  1. miguel says:

    She is one of the most interesting faces at this moment, one of my favorites.

  2. anna says:

    Time to remove at least 10 girls from the top 50 and add Alice Metza, Ally Ertel, Fredikke Sofie, Karly Loyce, Lia and Odette, Kiki Willems and Sora Choi to the top 50. Top 50, as in 50 girls not 70.