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For the latest MDX editorial, Tiziano Magni gets tied up on the stunning Esther De Jong for freshly charged visuals with a kinbaku bent. Both are back in their image-making element: Behind the camera, Italian photographer Tiziano is best know for his Kate Moss and Michael Bergin Calvin Klein ads while, in front, Dutch model Esther’s career reached exalted heights with multiple Vogue Italia covers and Dior, Chanel and Prada campaigns during the heyday of supers. Also below, the two unravel the shoot inspired by art and Esther herself.

Photos by Tiziano Magni for

Tiziano Magni is represented by Print & Contact
Model / Esther De Jong
Stylist / Nathalie Agussol
Textile Art / Midori
Makeup Artist / Dotti (Streeters New York) for SK-II
Hair Stylist / Leonardo Manetti (The Wall Group) for Ion Studio NYC
Production / Navia Vision

1st assistant / Olivia Owen
2nd assistant / Rachel Collet

Digital tech / Jonathan Nesteruk for
Retouching / View Imaging

Special thanks to Kip McQueen, everybody at Root Brooklyn studios, Erika Medina and Oscar.

Above: Esther is wearing Alberta Ferretti skirt and Christian Louboutin pumps from Albright Fashion Library
Christian Louboutin pumps. Ribbon swimsuit inspired by Rudi Gernreich

Esther: I worked with Tiziano on several projects early on in my career and working with him is a great pleasure, it takes me back to the Nineties…in a very nice way. Tiziano is a very talented, passionate man that I am very happy to see him back behind the camera.

Tiziano: Esther was great to work with. She allowed herself to become a canvas for my imagination, but was also very interested in collaborating on our creative project during the shoot, the whole team, model, make-up, hair stylists, assistants, became an integral part of the pictures.

Cape Sophie Theallet

Esther: He is very easy to work with and that made my choice of doing these particular photos with him much easier. I feel a very nice trust working with him knowing that he knows what he is doing and that the results are always beautiful and classic.

Tiziano: Esther embodies what has been attracting me more and more over the last few years. The harmony of physical beauty and inner harmony. External beauty only exists for a flicker of a second, and disappears when we turn the page. Inner beauty lingers, creates a memory Just like the artists that inspired the layout of this story: Cy Twombly, David Salle , Mark Rothko and Not Vital. Their works I always want to come back to. Just like I could with Esther.

Ribbon design and gold foil inspired by Dolce & Gabbana

Esther: Tiziano reached out to me explaining the core and inspiration of the story and where I fit in, because of that, before we started shooting the photographs we were on the same page and a lot of direction was not needed.

Tiziano: I see “Bandage” as a play on ‘bondage’. The sweet tying-to that fashion creates for us. Soft ribbons create masks, clothes and swim suits. They allow us to become something different–play with our sense of identity. I like it when fashion become a tool in playing with something deeper: our sense of self, the persona we present to the world.

Ribbon Swimsuit inspired by Rudi Gernreich

Esther: It took two days, most of the looks were time consuming and a process. A process that I knew little about, and I walked away having learned and experienced something entirely new and amazing thanks to Midori and her amazing talent and skill.

Tiziano: Fashion can be like good theatre. It tells stories and allows us to become actors. This concept made me experiment with ‘bondage’ many years ago. But that was too harsh today, brought in other elements I did not want, such as power/powerlessness. The whole S and M thing. This story has much more sweetness and openness for me.

Ribbon mask inspired by Alexander McQueen

Esther: Thank you Tiziano, Midori, Dotti, Leonardo and Nathalie for the story, and the wonderful assistants who had to endure my nakedness for 2 days.

Body suit Houghton at Albright Fashion Library
Left: Ribbon dress inspired by Azzedine Alaia. Right: Courreges coat from Albright Fashion Library and Pan & The Dream sock on hand

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  1. well a little Deja Vue. still who am I to think it is right what I see. x

  2. Titanya says:

    Hey, it’s me again after a while. I’m not saying that Esther should be an icon, she’s more like a muse. I’ll just remind you of that Yasmin LeBon / Tatjana Patitz issue. Yasmin just had that Armani campaign, doesn’t that qualify for anything?

  3. Keep this going please, greatt job!