Posted by Stephan Moskovic | November 15th, 2016


Barbara Palvin Gently Whispers

Put your headphones on.

For, Barbara Palvin is here to immerse you into the strange and tingly cyber-world of ASMR (an acronym for “autonomous sensory meridian response”). ASMR might not be quite mainstream yet, but its devoted enthusiasts have a fascination for the audio-induced sensation that runs deep, very deep… We’re thinking Hungary’s Barbara Palvin will hook the oddly satisfying experience a few new fans in her whisper-reading of Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical “Jabberwocky” directed by the returning duo Tn’T.

A film by
Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas (TN’T)

Barbara Palvin (IMG)

Editor in Chief Stephan Moskovic
Associate Editor Steven Yatsko
Associate Editor Mitch Ryan
Concept Mitch Ryan and Steven Yatsko
Production Manager Jazmin Alvarez

Stylist Sarah Cobb (The Wall Group)
Makeup artist Morgane Martini (The Wall Group)
Hair stylist Joey George (Streeters New York)
Manicurist Casey Herman (The Wall Group)

Production SWELL
Producer: Damon Middleton
Director of Photography: Matthew Schroeder
1st AC: Marcin Kapron
Gaffer: John Busch
BB Electric: Vinnie Davino
Key Grip: Jake Kump
BB Grip: Philip Yu
Swing: Luis Figueroa
Sound: Keith Rigling
Prop Stylist: Mikal Hameed
PA: Robert Danzler
PA: Kareem Cargill

Hand Model:
Sue Yan

Edit & Sound Edit: Timothy Douglas
Color & Art Direction: Tarik Malak
Graphics & Art Work: David Padilla
VFX & Beauty: Jae Won Lee

Thanks to:
Lewis Carroll, Magritte, Emerson, Barbara, The ASMR community

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5 Comments to “Barbara Palvin Gently Whispers”

  1. Bruce Edwin says:

    LOL. Beautiful. Barbara Palvin is outstanding.

  2. Victoria Wilson says:

    This was really sensible! I felt the whisper, crunch, I even felt the cold November air and I’m inside my home. Well done.

  3. Barbara is Absolutely Genius! LOVE <3