Posted by Stephan Moskovic | May 31st, 2016

New Americana

Albert Watson and Paul Sinclaire team up again in their second installment. Their latest comes just in time for Memorial Day, styled ad rem by Sinclaire with star spangled head dressings juxtaposed against black and white Americana. Familiars like Peyton Knight, Ryan Keating, Antonina Petkovic, Dorian Cobb and Chico Lachowski make up the “New Americana” in looks from Chanel, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Gucci. See the entire story marked by Watson’s accomplished touch below.

Photography by Albert Watson for

Albert Watson is represented by
Elizabeth Watson / Katy Barker UK

Stylist Paul Sinclaire
Editor Stephan Moskovic
Hair Michael Silva (The Wall Group)
Makeup Alice Lane (The Wall Group) + Christine Cherbonnier (The Wall Group)
Makeup on Peyton Knight by Alice Lane
Producer Walker Hinerman


Antonina Petkovic
Carly Moore
Dorian Cobb
Francisco Lachowski
Nick Hadad
Peyton Knight
Ronald Epps
Ryan Keating
Ysaunny Brito

Above: Peyton wears a Saint Laurent tiara

Ryan wears a Rodarte coat
Ron wears a Saint Laurent cardigan and Feathered Soul necklaces
Left: Ysaunny wears a Gucci blouse. Right: Nick wears a Dior Homme talisman, Raimon and Nick wear Dior Homme pants


Dorian wears a Verdura necklace and Dries Van Noten pants
Raimon wears a Miu Miu shirt, Miu Miu polo and Fendi short
Left: Rodarte blouse. Right: Chico wears a Chanel tiara

Left: Ryan wears a chanel headband and a Rochas blazer. Right: Peyton wears a Saint Laurent tiara and dress
Left: Antonina wears a Gucci flower necktie and a Rochas blouse

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