Fantastic Tom

Posted by wayne | March 25th, 2008

Why does Tom Ford always seems to be smirking? That question and more is answered in the new issue of Fantastic Man which just landed on MDX’s desk. What we love about FM is that it’s a magazine that provides a vision where men are allowed to…(please pardon the cliche) ” age gracefully”, with great taste but still with a little bit of bite. Latter day men’s fashion may be overran with an obsession with teenaged boys but what will allow FM to flourish is its realization that the male consumer moving through his thirties and forties still has a back history . That back-history is post-punk, post-New Romantic, post-Smiley Culture and post-Grunge. Peter Saville would weep! It’s nice to know you can wear a tuxedo without being a stiff-necked bore. Thanks FM!




12 Comments to “Fantastic Tom”

  1. JERI says:

    He is a good looking man…Ive tried packing my luagage that way.

  2. Eltom Rosa says:

    Quero saber mais sobre a marca, e se ja tem no brasil.

  3. david says:

    Could you please show us the how to for the luggage packing solution?
    Any packing workshop with Tom?
    I went to that great workshop at the Apple store. (called how to spend more money on my mac).


  4. DidiDiva says:

    Uber chic!

  5. Dinari says:

    Great looking guy and a style Icon. He’s the reason why I’m in love with Gucci and his own line Tom Ford. I’ll always support my guy Tom Ford.

  6. Efron says:

    Oh mah goodness. My loins are gelatinous.

  7. Charismatic says:

    Funny to read that us men are ‘allowed’ to age gracefully. I thought that was a given? My hair now has a lot of gray in it in my 30s and yet all the women tell me it makes a guy look distinguished, yet if the shoe was on the other foot, they’d still think they looked old. Go figure.

  8. lanre says:

    nice and cute posture,inspiring and challenging

  9. Tom is definitely Fantastic and Super! As men age they look and become more confident. Some things become less trivial and they way men dress as they get older reflects sophistication and success. Tom is the hottest man I have seen. And his smirk makes him more confident. Sometimes clothes can make the man, and sometimes the man makes the clothes.

  10. Livia says:

    hello,TOM is definitly fantastic…ok…good look…kisesss

  11. Tom Ford is a beautiful man!!! His dedication to Gucci throughout the years and love for fashion signifies a true fashion entrepreneur!!! I would love to collaborate in his shows, he rocks all the way!!!! He represnts true success!!

  12. syrgirl says:

    Omg! Tom Ford!
    I LOVE that man. Can I just shake his hand? Please?