Posted by Stephan Moskovic | May 11th, 2016

Seoul’s Creative Class


Sung Jin

Sung Jin

One of Korea’s most prominent male-models, Busan-born Sung Jin Park burst onto the scene back in 2009 as a newcomer garnering international demand. Now Top 50, Sung joined an elite rank of barrier breaking faces that swayed the market pendulum towards a new rank of Asian male supermodel. Joined by the likes of other stars like Sang Woo Kim and Noma Han, Sung Jin Park set himself apart with a distinct sense of style, wooing presence and sellable versatility. But what’s a top model without a list of satisfied clients? Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Iceberg Men tapped the recreational boxer for campaigns and consistent runway appearances keep them coming back.


South Korea is the latest point of entry into the ever-changing fashion sphere as more talent emerges from there than ever before. Seoul’s cool, creative spirit has landed it a coveted spot as one of the most intriguing fashion weeks on the planet and it for sure has the diverse artistry to back up the claim. The international community has steadily called upon the prospering city to tap into the new wave of authority on modeling, fashion, entertainment and photography so traveled ourselves to discover the leaders of the pack. Experience for yourself how photographer, Hong Jang Hyun, minimally captures portraits of the notable people in Seoul’s fashion landscape for a glimpse to all that the city has to offer.

Photography by Hong Jang Hyun for
Editor Stephan Moskovic
Art Direction Stephan Moskovic

Model Sung Jin Park

Hair Kang Hyonjin
Makeup Choi Sino
Production Sasha Park

Studio: TEO Studio Seoul

Hong Jang Hyun is represented by:
AW Artist Management / Paris
Brydges MacKinney / New York

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