New Faces Spring/Summer 2012 (Men)

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | June 22nd, 2011

Presenting a selection of new faces from the Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s shows by Photographer Saverio Cardia for

Anderson Weisheimer ELITE
Andre Feulner I LOVE
Axel Gillot FASHION
Benedikt Angerer WIENER
Bo Develius WHY NOT
Caleb Trent I LOVE
Chris Garcia WHY NOT
Conrad Leadley INDEPENDENT
Denis Georgiev INDEPENDENT
Duco Ferre ELITE
Elvis Jankus FASHION
Florian Van Bael WHY NOT
Jacob Young WHY NOT
Jake Cooper WHY NOT
James Smith FASHION
Jamie Wise ELITE
Johnny George FASHION
Laszlo Ricciardi I LOVE
Leebo Freeman I LOVE
Lennart Richether INDEPENDENT
Lessandro Reyniers WHY NOT
Louis Galloway I LOVE
Malthe Lund Madsen ELITE
Marlon Verdam I LOVE
Patrick O’Donnell WHY NOT
Rael Costa WHY NOT
Sebastian Eloy INDEPENDENT
Taras Koltun FASHION
Ton Heukels ELITE

New Faces Men S/S12

Photos: Saverio Cardia
Style: Lucio Colapietro
All outfits are AMERICAN APPAREL

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71 Comments to “New Faces Spring/Summer 2012 (Men)”

  1. Barrio says:

    This is simply amazing! My personal favorites are Bo, Leebo and Rael Costa. 🙂

    Love the black and white.

  2. Michael says:

    Absolutely stunning portraits.

  3. Dan Nielsen says:

    I love Jamie and Leebo so much.
    And that black guy is SO beautiful but im not feeling the sideburns haha



  4. Confused says:

    fresh, clean, strong… NEW!

  5. dand says:

    its been too long since we’ve had a lovely post like this !

  6. Chris Garcia is the best. Great future!!!!

  7. amby says:

    STUNNING!! Loving this simple yet striking images of the upcoming famous faces in male modeling! Love it a lot!

  8. FFshion says:

    Jake Cooper, Leebo and Laszlo are my favs !

    Awesome photographer !!

  9. Ive He says:

    Hands down Patrick O’Donnel and Leebo Freeman.

    Taras isn’t a new face.

  10. beautiful like this gay show !!

  11. ray says:

    its weird that u guys consider james smith, malte lund madsen as new face models!! ps : i wished u put demy matzen who’s an amazing guy i think

  12. Excellent work, that black and white looks awesome. cheers

  13. Hakan says:

    Favorite Bo Develius reminds me of a young Sean O’Pry, a lot! Especially the eyes, eyebrows..

    Benedikt Angerer & Conrad Leadley look amazing as well!

  14. Nádia says:

    so many amazing faces!!! :O I see a loooot of GORGEOUS lips!!! <333

  15. The Conway says:

    I Just Died… Dead. LOVE!!!!

  16. lara says:

    leebo is just wonderful, very handsome-he just has it magnetic.

  17. kiki says:

    Leebo killed it. He definitely has that special something. So glad to see Rael finally doing his thing internationally.

  18. Olga says:

    James Smith is the next big thing!!!

  19. kate says:

    My johnny is the best one there!!!! he is already headlining the burberry campaign and looks stunning!!!!!

  20. Angelo says:

    The boy in the main thing looks like a male version of Natalia Vodianova!

  21. adrian says:

    Rael Costa!!!

  22. M J says:

    ahahahahha the Arabic tattoo is just gibberish probably something from google translator it says “capable only god except”

  23. Fabio Lage says:

    Ahhhhh Rael!!!!
    He is soooo nice!

  24. Selah Amen. says:

    The feminizing of the male population; what does it all mean…

  25. Sarah says:

    Some of them are gorgeous, some are little boy cute. A majority of them could play Edward Cullens in Twilight. haha

  26. only a black man?

  27. ella says:

    not even just one black man. just one person of color…

  28. SHOWMEETHNIC says:

    OneEthnic model out of 30. UG!!! I could spit itsso sickening. there are so many races. there should only be 5 white faces here. Letsmix it up. and while we’re at it can we feed some of these boys. Oh and how about a male model that looks a MAN. so many skinny girly boys. My GOD!

  29. justin says:

    great faces but why one person of color. come on, there are more than white people that’s beautiful. The industry needs a wake up call!!…Hello!!!!!!!

  30. Dave says:

    Besides from one guy of colour they all look like the could be related!!

  31. jb says:

    duco and johnny george <3 <3 <3

  32. Daniel says:

    I prefer Andre Feulner, Bo Develius and Taras; Jesus, why models all look thin these days 🙁

  33. patrick 0’Dodonnell WoW young rebel with soft fashion twist.

  34. beautiful male models—excellent iconic imagery…
    inspired to photograph.
    love the single black boy—it says “black boys are unique and special.”

  35. lala says:

    So many feminine looking men and yes, I agree, why only one man of colour? Shake it up, mix it up, stir it up! Taras looks like Jessica Stam.

  36. ooooKay says:

    more skins than white..#just saying

  37. malemodel says:

    i understand needing more races..there should be..but models/both sexes should be skinny, my opinion, but everyone should shed 5 lbs or more! being tall, thin and (some cases) gorg is what makes us stand apart from civilians..we have a certain criteria. its twisted reality…

  38. lenn says:

    white, pubescent, skinny.oh joy

  39. Carlos says:

    James Smith is a new faces?

  40. Nina Reis says:

    I model of Rio de Janeiro.
    Your agency hires women?


  41. Rhiannon says:

    More chiselled good-looking faces but no memorable stand-outs.

  42. Angel says:

    Nice Pics. I like the fashion world and meet new faces encourages me to continue to learn more. Greetings to all from Mexico.

  43. МОЛОКО says:

    Todo de pojesttoj estan moj favotita modeloj.

  44. Matilda says:

    Fifth picture form top, from left to right would definitely be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley if she’d be a male.

  45. laura says:

    no, no, no, no!! aqui quedo…. guapisimos!!