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Mo&Co Fashion Moments: Lucia Liu

Posted by | October 23rd, 2012

Mo&CO Fashion Moments: Lucia Liu

Take a look inside the styling process in Justin Wu’s latest film for MO&Co. de Paris, with a peek into the wardrobe of Lucia Liu. Get a birds eye view as she selects inspiration pictures, chooses outfits and fills her walls with inspirational images, all in this candid clip by MO&Co.

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4 Comments to “Mo&Co Fashion Moments: Lucia Liu”

  1. Morgane says:

    I want to live her life ! I just want to spend my days selecting inspiration pictures and choosing outfits !
    And I want her wardrobe !

  2. stradivarius says:

    she has the ‘wow’ factor ‘timeless’ no shine…

  3. Frankie says:

    She has an extremely good taste and the in factor.

    Follow me on Twitter. @Frankie_Youje