Masha Ma Fall/Winter 2013

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 7th, 2013

Masha Ma Fall/Winter 2013

When asked about the impetus behind her stellar fall showing, designer Masha Ma spoke on a question many young designers have to be asking themselves of late. “We wanted to know what is elegance now. We had these really luxurious fabrics with great textures and we wanted to use those without it becoming too connected to the past. How do you make it right for now – when you think about elegance you think of a Chanel jacket from your mom, but what about our age group?” A thoughtful query and one that found its answer on the designer’s runway, where refined dressing found a place alongside, avant garde shapes and intricate detailing.

Models strolled through the Palais de Tokyo in cocoon jackets and fitted pencil skirts that hugged the body. The streamlined shapes subtly called to mind the silhouettes preferred by Cristobal Balenciaga, yet were rendered in futuristic fabrics with luxe embellishment. Swarovski crystal covered skirts, jackets with fur peplums and a dazzling array of textures added interested to ensembles that were beautifully constructed and elegantly styled. No need to pull those vintage pieces out of storage, Masha provides a perfectly chic wardrobe for today’s trendsetters.

Text: Janelle Okwodu
Photos: Stephan Moskovic









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7 Comments to “Masha Ma Fall/Winter 2013”

  1. Masha Ma is a talented Chinese fashion designer. Her collections have been seen in top magazines such as Elle and Vogue. The styles are wonderful.

  2. JAMES FARIS says:

    STUNNING CLOTHES AGAIN! Awful casting. I die!

  3. ffiend says:

    I only really thought the last 2 pieces were the best shown.

  4. I attend every year! Very Pleased

    Scale New York
    Team Member

  5. In fact, I was here then! And all those girls were quite glamorous! They have that “model thing”….in all aspects! The shoes we’re cool too!

  6. Emporium Group Entertainment says:

    Love the elegance and the line, I think the clothes were absolutely gorgeous but hate the makeup and the hair, the same effect could have been done in a better way.