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Jeffrey’s Angels (Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2010)

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 23rd, 2010

Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2010
Casting: Andrew Weir for ACW
Production: Monicka HanssenTeele for MHT Productions

Photos: Kevin Tachman for

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44 Comments to “Jeffrey’s Angels (Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2010)”

  1. ePuk says:

    I hate myself for missing that.

  2. ryan radcliffe says:

    Looks like a lot of fun

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow! Good looking group guys. Looks like lots of fun, wish I could go.

  4. GP says:

    HOT!!!Where can I see the whole show? I want to marry them all…lol

  5. gise says:

    sean o looks even better in snapshots than in photoshopped campaigns. insane. they don’t call him “the face” for nothing…

  6. pony ryder says:

    oh dear… should i say more? Gorgeousness all around

  7. pony ryder says:

    p.s. photos are really great

  8. amelie says:

    i love this..the shadows are awsome in the photography

  9. Erin says:

    one steamy show all these gorgeous men in one room!

  10. I head the fundraising broke a record that night.. good stuff.

  11. Mari says:


  12. E.S.Kinny says:

    AWESOME and HOT!!
    but ¿Where´s Francisco Lachowski?
    io nly sa 1 pic of him TOO BAD

  13. S.Zhau says:

    WOW ! love ryan kennedy and garret neff

  14. ePuk says:

    more Ollie PLEASE!

  15. Leandro says:

    someone can tell if you have a video? I want to watch.

  16. tucson john says:


  17. beachboyy101 says:


  18. riviera_cacharel says:

    i wanted to see more pictures of francisco lachowski.and i don’t see arthur sales anywhere ..
    but i’m glad the event was a sucess

  19. Mary says:

    …….What ..What happen where ??
    Oh wait I just got hotness overdose!!!

  20. Klo says:

    Who’s the guy on the far right in the group picture? He’s wearing a white long sleeve shirt and dark pants.

  21. beachboyy101 says:

    I think it might be Matthew Coatsworth?

  22. Oshcar says:

    Who’s the boy with the boy with the facial hair next to the solo pic of Ollie? He’s kinda cute. My Vincent Lacrocq’s boyish smile with great cheekbones AND jawline stole my heart. He’s just a beautiful creature.

  23. Oshcar says:

    Ollie Edwards is not my favorite but he does have a sophisticated vibe. Not a fan of Sean O that much anymore. Francisco, if only a little bit older. And where is Vladimir Ivanov and Simon N?

  24. Ed says:

    Great photos! I love the lighting.

  25. Claire says:

    Sexy man, very sexy man 🙂

  26. Will says:

    Almost as good as being there in the flesh! But, where is Josh Button in the photos? He was one of the hottest there…

  27. jason says:

    Damn, lots of steroids at work in that room, for sure.

  28. jason says:

    Garrett is a gay man’s dream. OMG. He is the hottest man in that room! among a bunch of hotties.

  29. Garrett in a swimsuit? Shocker.

  30. YoungVagabond says:


  31. Jimmy says:

    This is one of the places I needed to be, why life gotta be such a bitch lol, but anyways this is blog-worthy


  32. Matt says:

    “Damn, lots of steroids at work in that room, for sure”

    Oh please! They’re fashion models – not fitness models, none of them are that big. It’s just because they’re so cut it makes them look much bigger. If you take Chad White for example, he has a great body but & is tiny in person. They all look much bigger in pics compared to real life, not to mention they’ve all been doing press ups backstage before the show. Not one of them will be over a 40″ chest, or 32″ waist!

  33. jason kanner says:

    beachboy….yes that is MATTHEW COATSWORTH, and he opened this incredible show as well

  34. ZBR1987 says:

    Amazing shoot!!!! I wish to be in the limelight like these guys… and one day I will be 🙂

  35. Allen says:


  36. Ron says:

    Excellent work by Kevin Tachman who understands the magic of a fast lens and selective focus.

  37. Fira_J says:

    awesome job!

  38. Roy says:

    In two words…. MY…DREAM…

    someday i will be there… i know .. i´m 100% sure…

    wait for me 😉

  39. Edo says:

    Great pics! Nice pics of Ellis M. too, what a hunk!

  40. camille says:

    !!!please can someone tell me who’s the guy with tattoo?!

  41. corwy says:

    anyone know the briefs andrew stetson are wearing i have been looking EVERYWHERE. please and thanks