J.W.Anderson S/S13

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | June 18th, 2012

J.W.Anderson Men Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion week obsessives got an early start to the Spring 2013 season when London Fashion Week kicked things off with three days of men’s shows this weekend, a greatly expanded line-up that proved to be a major improvement over the crowded men’s day that used to close out the city after the women’s shows. With room to breathe, London proved that it deserves almost as much attention for its menswear as Milan and Paris will receive later this month, with a number of notable debuts and strong collections from some of our UK favorites. Up-and-comer J.W. Anderson kicked off the final day of shows with a particularly strong demonstration of his gender-bending aesthetic, presenting a collection full of revealing flowered ensembles, thigh-hugging bellbottoms, and the sort of knee-length ribbed cardigans you expect to see suburban moms wearing to pick their children up from school. It may have been Father’s Day, but the idea of motherhood was a main inspiration for the pieces, with oversized jackets that brought to mind a young child playing dress-up and housewifely headscarves straight out of ’50s advertisements. Anderson also sent out a number of pieces with a more masculine edge—say Louis Galloway’s pinstripe suit—but softened them with chunky platform sandals and padded clutches. The boys—from stars like Alexander Beck and Angus Low to newcomers like exclusives Misha Patel and Anders Hayward—were all sharp features and stony glares, appropriately androgynous for a collection that was comfortable on both sides of the gender divide.

Text: Jonathan Shia
Photos: Melodie Jeng for models.com

Stylist: Benjamin Bruno @ Art and Commerce
Hair: Paul Hanlon @ Julian Watson Agency
Make Up: Lotten Holmqvist @ Julian Watson Agency using m.a.c
Manicure: Chisato Yamamoto
Casting: Johanna Senyk, Maida Boina
Press: A.I.
Production: Laura Homles Production
Footwear: Aldo Rise

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12 Comments to “J.W.Anderson S/S13”

  1. Kloss London says:


  2. Matimus says:

    @ Fashion

    This collection is feminine and as a gay man I find your purveyance of stereotypes moronic. Your platitudinal remarks seem more suited to a high school cafeteria then this website.

    With that said; I respect J.W. Anderson’s risk he takes with the extremeness of the collection.

  3. Genevieve says:

    Fashion industry is lucky to have this guy who can mix up feminine with masculine. Damn those sexists.

  4. giampaolo says:

    daring and believable….even if is not my taste i love it
    keep going,creativity will take u somewhere
    well done

  5. JR says:

    @Matimus – I took the exclamation by @Fashion to be positive. I could be wrong but it didn’t seem negative. As a gay man, I also say, wow – so gay! So fey too, and inventive.

  6. Van Burnham says:

    The concepts are nice, and the looks are lovely. However, I would have preferred the models to have a more androgynous appearance. If you ever need a truly androgynous male model, one that will leave people in the same state of shock that Andrej Pejic does… feel free to contact me http://www.facebook.com/VanBurnham

  7. Matimus says:

    Thanks for the positive perspective JR. Perhaps I was a little hasty in my assumptions. 😉

  8. poo says:

    I’ve always loved scarves tied in that fashion and this is such a good look to me. Not a huge fan of all-white model casts, but they do look cool. To be honest, I barely paid attention to the clothes because I was so taken by the scarves and the hair. Love it.

  9. Fred says:

    may be , a little too feminine ?

  10. Nikisha says:

    Is that the Grateful Dead bear? Lol. Anyways, the collection is phenomenal. I wish I had a male friend brave enough to conquer these looks.