Posted by Stephan Moskovic | April 13th, 2018

In Discussion With:
Vogue’s Helena Suric

For the fashion industry, Vogue Magazine stands as one of the last dominating pillars of print media. You can thank pop culture for that – whether it’s Madonna, Carrie Bradshaw, or Azealia Banks with the magazine’s constant references and evolution into the digital landscape, it’s no surprise its stamp of approval can make a model or celebrity’s career. Helena Suric, booking director of Vogue and co-director of The Talent Group at Condé Nast, stands as the gatekeeper to those coveted pages (and online viral shares) as she is responsible for selecting the faces for the American outpost and the many titles under Condé Nast’s helm. Her influence has subtly returned models to covers as the line between the genetically blessed and the digitally savvy have been blurred, disrupting the system as we know it. In this original video co-produced by in collaboration with Ford Models, Christopher Michael spoke with Suric about her transition from model agent to model booker, Vogue’s stance on diversity today, and the importance of models having a platform.

A & Ford Models co-production

Interview / Christopher Michael
Editors / Stephan Moskovic & Christopher Michael
Directed by Jeremy McClain
Associate Editors / Irene Ojo-Felix & Steven Yatsko
Special Thanks / Ashton Do & Puriya Mirzamohammadi
Text / Irene Ojo-Felix

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