Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | November 1st, 2017

Txema Yeste’s Model Coven Casts Its Spell

Flying brooms, pumpkins and cauldrons? The latest MDX is more sublime than sinister as Txema Yeste visually conjures a coven of the hottest faces on the scene. Irina Liss, Leah Rodl, Manami Kinoshita, and Sarah Abney cast their ritualistic spells matched with a rebel vibe amidst sartorial selections from Bernat Buscato setting the scene. Ashley Javier, Tyron Machhausen, and Geraldine Holford make beauty magic that is a far cry from the usual witches trope in visuals that play up the unexpectedness of the occult.

Photography by Txema Yeste
Stylist Bernat Buscato
Hair Stylist Ashley Javier
Makeup Artist Tyron Machhausen
Manicurist Geraldine Holford

Above: Jewelry A Peace Treaty (Albright Fashion Library)

Right: Pants – Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier

Hat, veil, and leather jacket – Vintage
Left: Jacket – Adidas | Right: Top – Alexander Wang (Albright Fashion Library)

Top – Saint Laurent (Albright Fashion Library)
Right: Top and pants – Wanda Nylon (Albright Fashion Library), Shoes – Cesare Paciotti

Necklace – Kathy Lied
Left: Coat – Vintage

Vintage leather jacket and earrings

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