Posted by Irene Ojo-Felix | June 12th, 2018

Winner of the LVMH Prize, Doublet Proves Streetwear is Here to Stay

Across an ocean, a streetwear brand has emerged from Tokyo that sets caution to the wind. Last week in Paris, rookie rose to master as Masayuki Ino’s Japanese streetwear brand Doublet won the 2018 LVMH Prize for emerging talent. Established in 2014, this marks the first time an Asian designer has ever taken the top prize, and a resounding stamp for the fashion culture based there, and a good week for streetwear as a whole (Supreme founder James Jebbia also took the CFDA Award for menswear across the pond). Ino describes the brand’s moniker as taken from Lewis Caroll’s created name for word puzzle which is fitting as oftentimes his garments take a humorous direction – an impish intermingling of American pop culture references, textile wonder, and cozy boy casualness that has piqued the interest of the hypebeast crowd accordingly. As streetwear in the luxury market continues to dominate, we took a look at the designer’s Fall 2018 collection as photographers BJARNE x TAKATA capture the brand to know for

Photographers : BJARNE x TAKATA for
Stylist : Tabata Arisa
Make up : Akiko Sakamoto
Model: Nozomu Ito
Introduction by Irene Ojo-Felix