Exclusive preview: The Room #13

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | April 13th, 2011

The digital age has ushered in a whole new era for magazines, while the establishment is being challenged and adapting (see our Franca Sozzani interview) a surprising new wave of independent fashion publishers is appearing on the international scene. With a fresh new creative and editorial perspective and production quality sometimes rivaling the best magazines, some of these publications are leveraging the internet’s distribution channels to show what the future of fashion publishing may hold. Among the magazines standing out is Hungarian publication, The Room. A mixture of insightful interviews and eye-catching visuals, the magazine attempts to challenge and engage their audience all while providing a distinctly modern point of view that mixes edgy and eclectic.

The Room’s 13th issue is filled with unique stories: Marton Perlaki shoots Meghan Collison in a folk inspired story that captures her off-kilter appeal, David Benjamin Sherry speaks on evolving within the American art scene, photo agent Tiggy Maconochie discusses the careers of Helmut Newton and Corinne Day, Liu Wen and Irina K share superstitions from their homelands, each new page brings something fresh to enjoy. Take a peek at our exclusive preview and experience one of fashion’s most exciting new perspectives.

The Room magazine’s issue 13 appears across Europe and in New York on April 20, and in tablet edition on Othereditions after April 15.

For more information please check out: www.theroom.hu, theroommag.blogspot.com, facebook/the Room magazine.

The Room #13 cover: Meghan Collison | photo: Marton Perlaki
“Images are being produced today that will be classic of course; history is being made the whole time,” Maconochie says, “but looking back, things that were considered to be radical, become classic.” She cites Coco Chanel’s womenswear as an example; “she was the first designer to put women in separates. Jackets, trousers and tops – those are now classics of everyone’s wardrobes but at the time it was incredibly radical and different.”

– From The Room #13 interview with Tiggy Maconochie, agent of Helmut Newton, Corinne Day and Jeanloup Sieff

Recalling Helmut Newton’s work from the early nineties, there was always something more behind the shock factor. “It really isn’t about being shocking, it’s about influencing. It’s about standing the test of time. Helmut used to say, the point of my photography is to challenge myself; and I think that is a very important quote.”

– From The Room #13 interview with Tiggy Maconochie, agent of Helmut Newton, Corinne Day and Jeanloup Sieff

Significantly, the first exhibition Maconochie worked on was the 1986 retrospective marking the occasion of Horst’s 80th birthday. “I mean yes, it was extraordinary,” she recalls, “but it was different then. I also styled for him, I got props in all the time and just the process of creating a photograph used to be much more creative than it is now. It was a more involved endeavour, but now there are just so many more people involved.” When talking of her experiences with the image-makers who have so heavily influenced what we look at today, Maconochie salutes a very different epoch. “Now people come with three or four assistants and there are so many people involved and so many ideas that I think it is just so much more commercial.”

– From The Room #13 interview with Tiggy Maconochie, agent of Helmut Newton, Corinne Day and Jeanloup Sieff

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  1. jackie says:

    I like the ROOM. always have good images. too bad can’t find it in my city.

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  3. Josh says:

    I am now officially a Meghan Collison fan. She is such a haunting, indescribable beauty!

  4. Richard says:

    Liu Wen is so amazing!

  5. Boyue Lam says:

    LIU WEN刘雯,太惊艳了,Great

  6. Tom says:

    new blonde on the cover or with a wig on the pages in between, Meghan works!
    Meghan in the video however does not so much work.

  7. Annelise says:

    Stunning ! Congratulation!!!!

  8. Zoltan Boldizsar says:

    Én “Like-olom” 856-szor. Jó, hogy van A The Room. Szeretnék venni mindegyikből egyet.

  9. Zoltan Boldizsar says:

    Most néztem meg az OtherEdition-t, ezt külön like-olom még 1856-szor. Örülök nagyon.

  10. leeji says:

    Liu Wen Zzang!

  11. Juli Molnar says:

    Wow wow wow, hitting big time, indeed x

  12. Albert says:

    i <3 Liu Wen @ The Room !

  13. MissNicole says:

    This looks great, kind of creepy. Wish it was nationwide!


  14. Trevor says:

    I can’t believe that they are Hungarians!!! What a fresh visual culture they have!

  15. vanessa says:

    If only I had the oportunity to be part of such an amazing photoshoot. NOthing i’ve done can compare to the work shown here.

  16. Joy says:

    Absolutely PHENOMENAL. The video and the quality of the photos are amazing. This reminds me of old POP.

  17. Love it. Very creative, abstract and innovative! Fashion revolutionized at it’s best.

  18. Fashionmilk says:

    Wow, very inspiring..

  19. LeventeKadar says:

    Keep it up!

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