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Double Vision: Jonathan and Kevin / Ford Homme

Posted by Betty Sze | March 11th, 2008

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13 Comments to “Double Vision: Jonathan and Kevin / Ford Homme”

  1. tate says:

    They look the same! Oh, duh – they’re twins 🙂

    great look, and look forward to seeing their work.

  2. DidiDiva says:

    Double yummy! Double hot! Can’t wait to see these boys rock!

  3. DooKoo says:

    Of course, they are twin. But, I can tell what’s different between them. Jonathan is bit shorter than Kevin. He is also bit on muscular side than his brother. While, Kevin is bit slimmer and taller. But, their face is same. Have you notice that, no?

  4. Catherine says:

    God damn! I wounder what’s under the shirts. Eh, boys?

  5. maida says:

    i would love see you in a campain,this boys have a amaizing smile and you really have dolce gabbana and versace face

  6. Saira says:

    They are brothers but not twins, jonathan said he is 20 y/o and Kevin said he is 23 y/o.

  7. prince argon says:

    very good looking and I hope they will have a successfull career

  8. Lee Raspberry says:

    they are so cule… i love them!!
    and if im not wrong their french accent is so cool!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    Je suis de Paris, j’ai enfin trouver des français^^
    j’aime beaucoup cette vidéo 🙂

  10. renato says:

    they are portuguese….not french

  11. Amanda Simone says:

    their hair is oh, so touchable
    *sits on hands*

  12. kiwi says:

    hot brazilian duo! really hard to think they are not twins, they look so similar!

  13. João says:

    kiwi they’re not brazilian, but portuguese