Diversity Rules! Part 2: New York Model Management

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 17th, 2015


Diversity Rules! Part 2:
New York Model Management
“For many seasons the activist in me tried to figure out what to do about the problem at hand regarding the lack of racial diversity on the runways, in editorials and fashion advertising.

I have addressed the industry by having town hall meetings, gaining international media support, even naming those who lack the sense of responsibility of incorporating models of color. And after being given the CFDA’s Founders Award in June 2014 for upfront confrontation and determination to change how things are done and seen, still we lag at where we should be as an industry.

Surely there has been some improvement.

Where there is clear improvement over the years…are the model agencies. They have improved their inclusion of the model of color and continue to seek those beauties.

So I decided, instead of looking at what and where it isn’t happening (for now), to show where it continues to grow. There are agencies with far more ethnic models than others, but there are many still open to growth.

I decided to reflect what I saw here with the support of Models.com and the model agencies.

We are continuing our series with New York Model Management.

It was truly my pleasure and pride, to see and meet the models that I selected to represent their agencies and to link the others the agency represented as well.

No doubt, it’s a beautiful movement.”

Bethann Hardison

All Models: New York Model Management (New York)
Edited by Bethann Hardison

Photos by Hans Neumann (De Facto) for Models.com
Hair: Martin Christopher Harper
Makeup: Cyndle Komarovski
Retoucher: Tatiana Chebotareva
Bethann Hardison portrait by Hans Neumann for Models.com
Video interviews by Bethann Hardison
Art direction: Stephan Moskovic
Video editing: Andrea Fumagalli @ Blue Barn Pictures
Producer: Jazmin Alvarez

Ash Foo
Chey Carty
Chiharu Okunugi
Leila Nda
Marihenny Pasible
Riley Montana

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6 Comments to “Diversity Rules! Part 2: New York Model Management”

  1. Love Riley and Marihenny

  2. miguel says:

    Leila is interesting and elegant.

  3. Caroline says:

    I’m crazy about Cheyenne


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    Bust : 34
    Waist: 23
    Hip : 36
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    Weight : 98 lbs
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    Could send Head and FULL body photo ? Please send information.

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    BARBAZON of So. Florida
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    Thank You

  5. ryostylin says:

    Chey was a refreshing burst of energy. And that accent! Loved Riley too. She seems like a cool girl from the block. Doesn’t anyone else think she resembles Pam from The Cosby Show?

  6. WOW Love Chey, what personality and Leila so stunning. out of all the agencies this one had the best stunning girls of color.